AvePoint Elements Partner Intelligence Platform February 2024 Updates

Post Date: 02/04/2024
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The AvePoint Elements Partner Intelligence Platform advances operational efficiencies for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by providing insights, value-added services, powerful integrations, and built-in capabilities. This release introduces new reporting capabilities to enhance your customers’ storage optimization along with your overall service delivery and customer satisfaction. Here’s a look at what’s new for February 2024:

What’s New in the Elements Partner Intelligence Platform?

Streamlined Customer Storage Management

Create tailored packages to slash SharePoint storage costs for your valued customers! New storage optimization reporting is now available through AvePoint Elements, offering our partners:

  • Holistic insights: A main dashboard for comprehensive, aggregated reporting across multiple customers. Gain a centralized view to streamline management and decision-making processes.
  • Granular customer visibility: Utilize customer dashboards to delve into specific storage details, including trends that identify potential future issues. Enhance your ability to address customer needs with targeted solutions.
Elements screen - Customers whose SharePoint storage has exceeded the limit
View the customers whose SharePoint storage has exceeded the limit or will exceed the limit in 90 days.

Maximize efficiency and reduce costs

The storage optimization is powered by AvePoint Opus. Powered by advanced AI, AvePoint Opus is the next generation of information lifecycle management solutions allowing your customers to have complete control from creation to archive or defensible disposal. Designed for organizations to tackle rising data storage costs, AvePoint Opus uses predefined and customizable rules that enable storage optimization or information lifecycle actions.

Elements screen - View customer SharePoint storage usage trends from the past 90 days
View customer SharePoint storage usage trends from the past 90 days, as well as the estimated trends for the next 90 days.

Enhanced reporting for pool subscriptions

Elements enables MSPs to scale their practice effectively, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations with a flexible license management solution. With this release, we’ve redesigned the Subscription Usage report to provide additional information on pool subscription usage. For each pool license, there is an enhanced usage detail report. The customer’s usage report has a newly added history snapshot that allows you to monitor the changes to the pool over time.

Elements screen - Subscription usage report
Subscription usage report

Save time and leave less room for error when editing Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 licenses for multiple customers with new batch editing capabilities.

Elements screen - Batch edit Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 for multiple customers
Batch edit Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 for multiple customers

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To learn how you can take advantage of these latest updates to extend and differentiate your modern, cloud-based managed service offerings, visit our website.


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