How Managed Service Providers Can Grow Their Business With AvePoint

Post Date: 02/22/2021
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During my first few weeks on the job here at AvePoint, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many of our partners. I’m impressed with the dedication to helping clients elevate their modern workspaces during the pandemic.

After listening and taking stock of the landscape, I wanted to take a second to lay out why managed service providers should partner with vendors to better serve their customers and increase revenue.

The reason: Seismic shifts to remote work have produced critical gaps in data governance and collaboration security that organizations — as well as MSPs — must address and rectify.

Last year, the key IT priority was getting users online and up to speed. Now, almost a year after the pandemic was declared, it’s critical to have a strategy that goes beyond keeping the lights on. Businesses must invest in and deploy proper protection, policies, and governance for their Microsoft 365 collaboration solutions.

AvePoint is ready to assist you. As the largest provider of Microsoft 365 data management solutions, we help organizations migrate, manage, and protect their assets.

MSPs Need Strong Data Management and Security Solutions

Using collaboration technology without diligence from an MSP can pose a real threat.

Consider the massive growth of Microsoft Teams, a platform that has provided a lifeline for distance working in recent months. About 100 million new users were added in 2020. Now, think about the fact that 92% of security data incidents are unintentional, and accidental exposure is the biggest source of data leakage.

Ensuring safety and compliance is a tall order, especially for smaller or unprepared companies.

But the divide suggests a bright spot for MSPs, who can step in to address these pain points and increase their monthly recurring revenue. These providers also have a responsibility to assist customers that may be at risk due to the pace at which they were moved onto the cloud.

AvePoint solutions provide MSPs with flexible, built-in approval workflows that are fully configurable to ensure the right level of oversight and review is enforced — and to enable maximum productivity and protection. These are capabilities you can bring to your customers.

How MSPs Can Make Money From Collaboration Security Services

AvePoint Gets Microsoft Teams Migration and Backup Better Than Anyone

Moving to Teams requires diligence and strategy to confirm that all assets from other collaboration tools (Slack, for instance) are carried over and housed in the right place. This rigor is key to usability and compliance.

Our migration solutions are the best in the industry at ensuring no critical business data is lost in the move, including information held within complex workloads. AvePoint’s FLY solution can simplify the process, accelerate your customer’s move to Microsoft 365, and lock down sensitive data.

The journey isn’t a solo trip. We offer a dedicated portal for MSPs to manage services, support tickets, and explore free trials. AvePoint support is available 24/7 and free of charge to our partners (unlike several of our competitors who charge an arm and a leg for live support).

Think about the peace of mind you can bring to customers seeking to get their migration off the ground. FLY is simple to install on a server or a cloud VM and enables you to start moving data in just minutes. Simple mapping features and reporting can easily track your progress and obtain detailed information about the source environment.


Automated Data Migration and Backup Give Your Customers Peace of Mind

FLY is also automated. Simply set your scheduled migration jobs and run incremental (or delta) migrations to synchronize the source and destination environments. You can even save and reuse your migration settings repeatedly.

Backing up Teams elements (Groups, files, chats, public and private channels, permissions, Planner items, and more) is just as critical.

MSPs may leverage AvePoint Cloud Backup, a complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, to provide customers with automated backups and granular, item-level restoration capabilities.

GET THE EBOOK: FLY Migration Checklist for MSPs

There’s no question that you can better serve customers by delivering a comprehensive migration to Microsoft Teams and keeping data secure. In upcoming blog posts, I’ll explore more ways AvePoint can foster a strong partnership, including:

  • How MSPs can provide clients with a personalized dashboard report from AvePoint’s Automated Risk Assessment tool to underscore the benefits of a third-party solution.
  • Why AvePoint’s SaaS applications make governance an agile productivity enabler — and provide a reliable way for MSPs to add value to and earn money from customers.

AvePoint has the experience and solutions to assist during all steps of a migration. We’re here to make the voyage smooth, error-free, and on time. Best of all, you get to reap the benefits of safe, satisfied customers who will continue looking to you for guidance.

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Jason is the former Senior Vice President of Global Channel & Partner Ecosystems at AvePoint.

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