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When do I use Microsoft Teams vs. Other Collaboration Tools?

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Office 365 has many powerful, integrated communication tools. Technologies like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Yammer, to name a few.

One potentially unforeseen result of this surplus of collaborative platforms has been functionality overlap or redundancy. Much of what can be done in Skype for Business can be executed using Teams, for example.

This fact has made for some confusion as to when each tool should be used. Because of this, we recently put together a table, “When to use Teams vs other tools” with the goal to make things a little clearer.

This table created a productive dialogue with Tony Redmond weighing in that our table undervalued the confidentiality of Outlook which allows users to restrict access to email using Office 365 Encryption or Azure Information Protection templates.

There was also a robust discussion on AvePoint CMO Dux Raymond Sy’s LinkedIn feed with more than 300 likes and 20 comments. This conversation focused on adding SharePoint and “Groups in Outlook” as communication tools.

So we updated the table and came out with version 2.0. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback that contributed to the updated version. Check out the original and updated tables below and leave us a comment if you have additional feedback!

And if you are looking for more resources on Office 365 Groups, Teams or what to use when, check out our Office 365 Groups Playbook with additional blog posts and other free resources.

The Original “When to Use Teams vs Other Collaboration Tools” Table

When to use teams table 1





Editor’s note:

In January 2018, Teams released new features. Read our blog on the Teams App Store, Personal Views and more.

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“When to Use Teams vs Other Collaboration Tools” Updated 12/7/17

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