Top 5 #MicrosoftTeams Collaboration Posts of 2018

Post Date: 12/27/2018
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2018 has been a massive year for Microsoft Teams. Just like you, we’ve been closely following the latest updates, features, and developments as they rolled out. Our in-house experts and industry friends alike have made strong Teams-related contributions to the blog.

We’ve covered challenges, answered questions, and written guides, and now we’ve gathered the best ones of all in one place for your convenience. Check out our top 5 Microsoft Teams posts of 2018 below!

5. Q&A: Why Microsoft Teams and Yammer are Better Together by AvePoint CMO Dux Raymond Sy


Q: When can we expect Teams and Planner for GCC tenants?

A: According to Microsoft’s Office 365 Roadmap, Planner will be available in Office 365 US Government Community (GCC) when it meets the compliance requirements of the offering. The estimated release for Planner for GCC is May of 2018. For Teams, the estimated release date is a bit later in the year, with Teams expected to be available for GCC in Q3 of 2018. To keep updated, check out the roadmap.

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4. Office 365 Groups vs. Microsoft Teams (Revisited) by MVP Loryan Strant


Back in February 2017 I wrote a blog that seemed like clickbait, but was actually intended to call out the confusion of the yet-to-be-released Microsoft Teams. This particular post has in fact been the most popular post on the AvePoint blog, has been referred to by IT journalists, and discussed/debated amongst IT pros in a variety of forums even to this day.

The reality is that many people find Office 365 Groups confusing, especially when it relates to Microsoft Teams. I still find this in conversations I see online, with IT pros, and when speaking with clients who are somewhat new to Office 365

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3. Q&A: The Top 5 Microsoft Teams Challenges by Hunter Willis


Should we let users create groups by themselves or only allow admins to create groups?

This really depends on your governance policy. This may also might vary from department to department, depending on how tech savvy your end users are and how much control your organization desires to have over Teams.

AvePoint’s Cloud Governance solution allows end-user provisioning while maintaining security and governance over Teams. In many ways, it was designed specifically as an answer to this problem; enabling the end users to directly create Groups and Teams in a secure, governed way while simultaneously reducing the burden on IT to maintain the system.

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2. Why Microsoft Teams is Killing Skype for Business (and How to Prepare) by MVP Loryan Strant


Ultimately cutting down the number of tools that do similar/the same things in Office 365 does indeed help to alleviate end-user confusion. However, this also presents a different challenge when it comes to Microsoft Teams.

You see, Microsoft Teams is not just a unified communication product; it’s a collaboration tool, a window into other apps and services, (or, as it is being positioned by Microsoft, an “app hub”). What this effectively means is that Teams is a single pane of glass for people to communicate, collaborate, and ultimately work.

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1. Guide: How to Get Started with Microsoft Teams Templates by AvePoint CTO John Peluso


I think it’s fair to say that we’ve discovered what many organizations are also realizing: Teams is both powerful and highly configurable. As such, there needs to be a commitment among groups of collaborators about how and where distinct types of communication happen. If you’ve got people on the team who are still email hold-outs, it’s going to be very hard for them to stay up to speed with the pace of collaboration going on in Teams.

Our old friends planning and governance are critical here. Governance isn’t just about control; it also means we clearly communicate to users how they should be using our system. Expectations have to be clear and friction should be at a minimum. It’s perfectly fine to allow experimentation to uncover how Teams can provide the most value for you specifically. Once those best practices are identified, however, you will want to be able to easily replicate them across broad segments of the organization.

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