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#MSIgnite 2019 CliffNotes: 3 Ways Microsoft Teams Facilitates Inclusivity

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After having fun with a game on the show floor, AvePoint CMO and Microsoft MVP Dux Raymond Sy held a quick interview with Ciracom’s Amy Rutt on how Microsoft has worked to make Office a modern, inclusive platform.

Though they discussed several points, one standout moment was when Dux described the difference between diversity and inclusion with a party analogy:

Diversity is like being invited to a party. But simply being invited doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have fun. If you want to be inclusive, you need to ask people to dance. Invite them, because they may be too timid to dance themselves. Lastly, you want people to feel like they belong. Then they can dance like no one’s watching!happy business people party celebration cheerful man and woman new vector id1150267849

Dux then explained a few ways Microsoft Teams is inclusive in the modern workplace:

1. Microsoft Teams allows you to work and communicate however you want to. Be it through chat, calls, or collaborating on documents, it provides a diverse range of capabilities.

2. In terms of inclusivity, Microsoft Teams offers apps that let users access the information they might otherwise be unable to find.

3. Microsoft Teams makes users feel like they belong. There are other apps–such as MyHub–that streamline the Team creation process for projects. Instead of having to pester a team member to help and feeling out of the loop, it’s all pre-built and so users don’t have to feel out of place.

Want to hear about Microsoft’s accessibility efforts and Dux’s overall Ignite experience? Check out the full interview below!

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Brent Middleton
Brent Middleton
As the former Content Marketing Specialist for AvePoint, Brent led the strategy and direction of all AvePoint's blog properties.


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