4 Can’t-Miss Microsoft 365 Events Heating Up This March

Post Date: 02/27/2019
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As winter winds down, we’re happy to announce a slew of new Microsoft 365-related events throughout the month of March.

This month will see our internal SMEs teaming up with experts from other companies for webinars covering everything from Microsoft Teams adoption to Office 365 migration. If you’re looking for something more hands-on, we’ve also got you covered with some interactive workshops! Here’s what’s on the docket:


Beyond Microsoft Teams Deployment: How to Roll Out A Sustainable Adoption Program in 90 Days.

Join AvePoint and Microsoft for a half-day workshop to learn how to roll out a sustainable adoption program in 90 days and positively impact organizational culture. 

This interactive workshop will cover:

  • What is Microsoft Teams and its role in today’s digital workplace?
  • How Microsoft Teams can excite and inspire users by supporting their daily business activities.
  • How to make it easy for everyone to maximize Microsoft Teams while ensuring organizational governance and policies are enforced.
  • Strategies for preventing information overload, data sprawl, shadow IT and more.
  • How to establish a holistic learning, knowledge sharing and support structure.
  • How to create and deliver a 90-day sustainable adoption program that facilitates change, empowers users and enables knowledge sharing within the organization.

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How Microsoft Upgraded 200,000 Users from Skype to Microsoft Teams (And You Can Too!). March 6, 11:00 am EST.

Microsoft is encouraging its Office 365 customers to upgrade from Skype for Business and fully transition to Microsoft Teams. Organizations can already begin the process of moving their users from one platform to another, but that is easier said than done.

While not all Skype For Business Features are consolidated within Microsoft Teams quite yet, the time to start the transition is now.

Learn from AvePoint’s Dux Raymond Sy, Microsoft’s Pouneh Kaufman, and Modality Systems’ Tom Arbuthnot on how they transitioned their users and the best practices they have learned from their own journeys. Also, get up to date on the Teams feature roadmap from Microsoft and strategies and solutions for Teams adoption and management from AvePoint.

Our webinar speakers will cover:

  • Project milestones and the biggest accelerators for the Skype to Teams transition
  • How to get early and moderate adopters to “Teams only” mode
  • Encouraging vs enforcing user migration
  • Common help desk requests from transitioning users and the resources you will need for the move
  • Training activities to facilitate change
  • Remaining gaps between Teams and Skype and a roadmap of when certain features will be delivered
  • How to manage Teams creation and lifecycle to facilitate adoption and mitigate risk
  • And more!

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Out Hustle The Hassle: Office 365 Migration Prep and PlanningMarch 7, 11:00 AM EST.

Thinking about making the move to Office 365? You need to make sure you have a migration strategy in place that goes beyond lift and shift.

There are so many variables that organizations need to consider to ensure a smooth migration to a new environment. You don’t want to miss anything critical to your workloads!

Join AvePoint’s Hunter Willis and skybow’s Adis Jugo as they share strategies that you need to know to deliver your migration successfully.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to reduce the time and hassle of moving your content
  • What tools are available in Office 365 that can save time in reproducing and creating workflows
  • Which tools users can use to make simple applications
  • Ways you can plan for and build new applications in less time
  • Strategies to plan for and manage security and governance once in Office 365
  • Where you can find resources and more information
  • And more!

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6 Expert Microsoft Teams Adoption Strategies THAT WORKMarch 27, 11:00 AM EST.

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing business apps that helps organizations boost collaboration and productivity. On top of that, Microsoft is transitioning users from Skype for Business to Teams. The time to move is now!

One of the biggest challenges in transitioning users or rolling out a new collaboration environment is adoption. Change is hard!

How should you drive adoption of a new platform to drive more value to your organization? You need to make sure Microsoft Teams adoption is at the top of your priorities – from writing a collaboration and communications strategy to configuring scalable user feedback methods.

Join AvePoint’s Dux Raymond Sy and Microsoft’s Karuana Gatimu as they break down 6 expert adoption strategies THAT WORK.

You will learn how to:

  • Drive adoption of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams for your organization as example workloads in a cloud service adoption strategy.
  • Write a collaboration and communications service strategy.
  • Utilize the Outcomes Matrix to quantify and select success measures.
  • Structure of early adopter and champion programs.
  • Work with technical talent to ensure service readiness and quality.
  • Configure scalable user feedback methods.

Bonus Webinar

Can’t wait until the first March webinar premieres? You’re in luck! Delve into Cloud Backup with our brand new webinar premiering February 28th:

Cloud Backup: Delegate Access to Restore Capabilities & Meet Your New Virtual Assistant


Ready to learn how to delegate access to recovery capabilities and use AvePoint Virtual Assistant?

Service Engineer Kevin Kong walks you through the Cloud Backup interface and shows how to create and delegate restore capabilities in Office 365.

Why You Need To Delegate Restore Capabilities
Office 365 backups are handled by global or enterprise administrators. However, lower-level admins or power-users who should not have access to all data are often relied on to process data recovery requests.

With AvePoint Cloud Backup’s new feature, you can now go beyond native Office 365 and strictly delegate management access to a subset of data for select services in Office 365.

Meet AVA! Chatbot for End User Item Restore Requests
AvePoint Virtual Assistant (AVA) is our recently released Chatbot, which is integrated within Microsoft Teams to help find and recover content. Want to reduce IT burden while keeping the same security level? Your end-users can now save time and effort by restoring data via our chatbot.

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