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Ready to learn how to delegate access to recovery capabilities and use AvePoint Virtual Assistant?

Service Engineer, Kevin Kong walks you through the Cloud Backup interface and shows how to create and delegate restore capabilities in Office 365.

Why You Need To Delegate Restore Capabilities
Office 365 backups are handled by global or enterprise administrators. However, lower-level admins or power-users who should not have access to all data are often relied on to process data recovery requests.

With AvePoint Cloud Backup's new feature, you can now go beyond native Office 365 and strictly delegate management access to a subset of data for select services in Office 365.

This is a crucial feature because an end user – or any admin – can perform an out-of-place restore on any document, place it in a location he/she has access to, and subsequently have permission rights for that information.

Meet AVA! Chatbot for End User Item Restore Requests
AvePoint Virtual Assistant (AVA) is our recently released Chatbot, which is integrated within Microsoft Teams to help find and recover content. Want to reduce IT burden while keeping the same security level? Your end-users can now save time and effort by restoring data via our chatbot.

Seeing as AVA adheres to delegated access, companies can now increase adoption and leverage AVA with full confidence

  • Global Restore

    Administrators in a different country can access and recover data for mailboxes, OneDrives, and sites flagged with that specific geography tag

  • Centralized

    Help desk teams can recover user content specifically from non-restricted SharePoint sites and public Office 365 Groups, excluding private or sensitive content

  • Empower users

    Power users can help reduce the back office team workload by having access to restore their (and only their) content

Meet the Expert

Kevin Kong Headshot

Kevin Kong

Service Engineer

Kevin Kong is a Service Engineer at AvePoint. He has been in Support, Computer Consulting and IT Advisement for Small Businesses for the past three years. Throughout his career, he has worked with internal customers troubleshooting issues, building environments to adhere to IT standards, and consulting for small businesses. His background in Systems and Information Science gives him the tools needed to integrate in today's modern environments. Kevin is passionate about learning new Cloud technologies and is always eager to learn new tools.