Celebrating the Periodic Table of Office 365 and How it Helps Adoption

Post Date: 01/18/2019
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When you’re looking to migrate and make the most of Office 365, you might be thinking, “Gosh! There’s so much here! What do all of these apps do? When do I use which tool?”

Luckily, my friend and AvePoint Community Champion, Matt Wade, has developed a Periodic Table of Office 365. This provides a great visual to represent the apps in Office 365 as well as explain what they do, and how they’re related!

Matt has expanded on the original Periodic Table of Office 365 and has released version 3 of the Periodic Table of Office 365. You can access the table by going to https://www.jumpto365.com/tables/en.

Clear Communication Is Essential to Adoption

The update provides a great resource to newcomers to Office 365 as a one-stop shop to reference how they can navigate through the tumultuous Office 365 environment. 

Having a reference to all the apps in Office 365 offer is important for organizations as they try to increase their adoption efforts. Once your organization has a clearer understanding of what to use and when, you will be able to improve communication which makes adoption that much easier!

AvePoint Resources

AvePoint also has resources that can help organizations adoption strategies including:

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