Talent Spotlight: Funtrol Ready, Principal Solution Engineer & Team Lead

Post Date: 03/01/2021
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Meet Funtrol Ready, Principal Solution Engineer and Team Lead based out of Dallas, Texas. Read on to learn more about his AvePoint story, career advice, accomplishments, and more!

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered and overcome in your career?

In high school I knew I wanted to work in the tech field. Early in my career I learned that is doesn’t matter how you begin your journey; what matters is what you do along the way. I started my career at a low-level entry job for a government agency. While others (less qualified) were afforded opportunities that I did not receive, I learned to control my own path by working hard and learning not only my role but the roles of others around me. That mindset allowed me prove my value to the organization and move from entry level to team lead within a few years.

What advice would you give to people that aspire to attain what you’ve accomplished?

I would say the same that I was told when I chose the technology career path. Read all the manuals, study as much as you can, solve all the problems! Learn from others and be persistent in your career goals. Push yourself even when you don’t want to be pushed! Technology requires it.

What are you interested in accomplishing next in your career?

Some sort of leadership (mentoring) role seems like a good next step.

What drew you to AvePoint?

As they say, “I was a small fish in a big pond” while working at Microsoft in the services division. Working at Microsoft was a great opportunity, but I really wanted to shift into a sales role. I was always a huge fan of AvePoint products in the SharePoint space. So when a position opened locally, it was very interesting.

It wasn’t until I actually interviewed with the recruiting team and leadership when I felt that AvePoint would be great place to showcase my experience and pivot to a new career. AvePoint gave me an opportunity to pursue my goals. I felt a connection, and people seemed genuine in how they valued AvePoint and my experience. AvePoint really did a great job with my onboarding experience.

What have you gained from working at AvePoint?

I have always taken pride in providing my best level of service to customers. Since joining AvePoint, I have learned quite a bit when it comes to customer engagement. What happens before customers buy? Why do they buy? What do they expect? Before joining I didn’t really understand. AvePoint has a great history with good products and being here has taught me a ton about what matters most: doing what is right for AvePoint by taking care of our customers.

Describe the sacrifices you’ve made to get to where you are today.

Lots of travel away from family, late nights studying, long hours prepping for customers meetings. All worth it.

What’s the most important advice you have for those seeking careers within technology?

Follow your passion. Set career goals. Technology has multiple avenues that allow you to choose the right path for you. Stay humble, stay hungry, and grow.

Melissa Fingerhut's journey with AvePoint began in 2013. As the leader of global talent acquisition, she has dedicated her career to mastering the art of recruiting in the tech industry. Melissa takes pride in helping AvePoint discover exceptional talent and expand their horizons.

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