Psych-ed for Tech: My First Month at AvePoint

Post Date: 06/28/2024
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It has been one month since I stepped into the pulsating heart of Singapore’s bustling tech hub. Reflecting on my journey as a graduate student and researcher in psychology just months ago, I find myself astounded by the transformative path that has led me to this pivotal moment in my life.

A new country.
A new job.
In a completely different industry

I remember the first few days after moving to Singapore, I felt confused as well as liberated. It’s incredible how much can change in just a short span of time, but I’m embracing every twist and turn with open arms and eager anticipation for what lies ahead.

PIVOTAL: Moving to a new country, a new job, in a completely different industry

Working at AvePoint, a global technology company specializing in software-as-a-service (SaaS) data management, governance, and protection solutions, has been nothing short of positive and welcoming so far. As a grant specialist, my responsibilities are well-defined — research, write, and manage grants in the company while ensuring they keep up with Singapore’s latest compliance and regulations.

But here’s the million-dollar question: what made me, a psychology research student, apply for a grant specialist role, at a tech firm?

Aside from intending to transition to a more stimulating career path and my evolving interest in tech consulting (think: working not so much on the coding side of tech, but rather on the business side), I’ve recently been captivated by the potential of AI technology and its transformative influence on innovation. This extends beyond the confines of software development and reaches into diverse sectors like healthcare, where predictive analytics enhances patient care, or climate change, where AI drives optimization in renewable energy utilization. With my six years of experience in academic research, I saw an opportunity to leverage my investigative and writing skills to secure funding for game-changing projects at AvePoint and get to know the various government stakeholders in Singapore. The fast-paced environment of the tech industry and its potential for substantial growth and impact were compelling factors for someone like me, seeking new challenges beyond the boundaries of traditional academia.

So, what’s it been like?

As I reflect on wrapping up my first month, I’ve been on an exhilarating journey that’s part detective work, part storytelling, correspondence, and paperwork regarding claims and audits — all about learning how to secure funding fuel for AvePoint’s next big schemes and innovations. It’s definitely been a time to channel my inner wordsmith as I craft grant work that weaves together data, visions, and budgets into emails and narratives that make funders sit up and take notice. And it doesn’t end there. Once the emails are out the door, it’s all about playing the waiting game — checking emails like a hawk for responses and celebrating each win like a pirate finding gold. It’s a whirlwind of excitement, creativity, and maybe just a touch of caffeine-fueled frenzy. But hey, that’s all part of the thrill.

Flight to Copilot: Navigating AI with Confidence” CXO Breakfast Forum

One of the main highlights so far was having the opportunity to attend the “Flight to Copilot: Navigating AI with Confidence” CXO Breakfast Forum on May 24, 2024. As a newcomer at AvePoint Singapore, I gained a lot of insights during the event and was given the opportunity to work closely with the marketing team. It has expanded my grasp of cross-functional collaboration within the company and deepened my appreciation for diverse talents working in AvePoint offices all the way from Changchun, China.

The event featured insights from senior leaders spanning diverse industries, each with a track record of successful implementation of AI solutions such as Copilot for Microsoft 365 within their respective organizations. Through captivating presentations and demos, I gained a deeper understanding of Copilot’s transformative capabilities in automating tasks and streamlining workflows — all while bolstering productivity and efficiency. From Q&A sessions touching on safeguarding data integrity to panel discussions on delving into optimizing operational processes, AvePoint’s innovative solutions, such as Insights and Policies for Microsoft 365, offer practical, cost-effective security measures and avenues to harness AI’s potential for driving innovation to unprecedented heights within the Microsoft 365 workspace.

I also think one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had is connecting with some really awesome folks in the office, each bringing unique knowledge and expertise from diverse industries and backgrounds prior to joining AvePoint Singapore.

For instance, grabbing coffee with Paco and getting to know his journey as an avid public speaker, who is also one of the people I personally know who can speak six languages fluently. He has a telecommunications background in Germany and jetted all the way to Singapore, perfectly blending his skills and interest as a pre-sales consultant. Similarly, Zander, our onsite cloud infrastructure engineer, who happens to sit at the office desk next to mine, shared his deliberate decision to transition from software development to a role specializing in cloud infrastructure, which was mainly driven by the transformative impact of AI automation. It’s intriguing to learn about the meticulous nature of his projects specifically at AvePoint, which involve detailed processes, having strong leadership to mentor and supervise, and rigorous QA testing — aspects he finds particularly valuable.

As someone deeply intrigued by the stories and experiences of others, I cherish the dynamic fusion of talents and narratives that permeate AvePoint. It enriches my work experience, making each day all the more fulfilling.

Another significant key takeaway was learning how Singapore actively prepares its workforce for the future; specifically, the country’s proactive approach to upskilling in light of the impending AI revolution, which directly aligns with my grant work focused on workforce development. This connection proves the importance of collaboration and strategic planning in driving societal progress. Witnessing Singapore’s commitment to leveraging innovative solutions for workforce development has deepened my understanding of the interconnectedness between governmental initiatives and companies like AvePoint, adding a vibrant layer to the tapestry of progress.

Joining AvePoint has not only expanded my professional horizons but also provided a platform to explore and contribute to the cutting-edge world of tech innovation. In my current role, I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the convergence of technology, research, and the governmental landscape, particularly regarding grants and policies. Through engaging discussions, dynamic demos presented at the CXO event, and the wisdom shared by industry leaders, I’ve attained a more profound comprehension of the hurdles and potential benefits linked with AI integration, such as in Copilot, along with a glimpse into the forthcoming landscape of AI in SaaS.

Overall, I’m excited to embark on this journey with AvePoint into the ever-evolving landscape of AI and its transformative potential to drive innovation to a whole new level.


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Dayana is a Grant Specialist at AvePoint Singapore, primarily focused on government grants aimed at enhancing workforce capacity and capability. With a background in academia and research, she enjoys leveraging her investigative and writing skills to secure funding for game-changing projects at AvePoint. She is particularly fond of getting to work with various stakeholders in society. Dayana is passionate about learning from diverse backgrounds and disciplines and hopes to one day utilize future technology to promote peacebuilding through policy and cross-cultural dialogues.

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