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Easily find, prioritize, and fix controls for Microsoft 365 permissions, membership, and sharing.

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Know Where Your Data Risks are in Microsoft 365

Establish a strong data foundation and secure Microsoft 365 by understanding sensitive and overshared content - even if it hasn't been classified or labeled. With Insights, ensure compliance with aggregated sensitivity and activity data across your tenant so critical permissions surface at the top of the priority list. Take it further and implement corrective action on priorities, including permission removal, owner notification, or setting an expiration date - quickly securing collaboration in Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive.

Find, Prioritize, and Fix Microsoft 365 Access Controls

Personalized prioritized

Personalized & Prioritized

Measure Your Organization’s Potential Exposure

The out-of-the-box Risk Assessment Report quickly summarizes updates and changes to your environment and identifies and prioritizes high-risk action items that require further action.  Additionally, kickstart conversations with non-technical counterparts with a shareable version and continue to leverage it as a benchmark to measure risk exposure levels across the organization.

For microsoft 365 tenants of all sizes

For Microsoft 365 Tenants of All Sizes 

Built to Scale, Built to Last

We use Microsoft’s own data to give you valuable insights so we don’t add to your Microsoft 365 throttling concerns. We combine, parse, and prioritize your potential issues so you have the context you need and can stay focused on what matters most.

Keep Microsoft 365 Data Secure with a Common Framework

Drive it efficiency

Drive IT Efficiency

For IT Directors
With built-in best practices, stay aligned with security team priorities. Automated controls take complexity out of configuration so you can continue to focus on higher-value projects.

Reduce risk

Reduce Risk

For Security Officers
Automation ensures consistent policy implementation. Get the insight you need fast. Security reporting makes audits easy, and dashboards monitor risk trends.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI

For Business Leaders
Improve productivity and Microsoft 365 user adoption. Our security features fully integrated so you can remain focused on driving maximum business results.

The Power of the ave Pointconfidence Platform

The Power of the AvePoint Confidence Platform

Put Your Insights to Work with AvePoint Policies for Microsoft 365

Once you understand the potential risks in Microsoft 365, you must act. AvePoint Policies automates common rules for access, settings, external sharing, and more. Catch configuration drift, notify users, and even revert changes automatically. Securing collaboration in Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive has never been easier.

AvePoint Insights for Microsoft 365 Features

Security insights

Security Insights

Object- or user-based security searches give unmatched insight into SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups, and Teams permissions.

Take immediate action

Take Immediate Action

Empower admins to manage Microsoft 365 health by expiring, removing, or editing permissions directly from within reports.

Prioritize permissions issues

Prioritize Permissions Issues

Highlight known and potential issues for content, prioritized based on content sensitivity.

Microsoft sensitive information types

Sensitive Information Types

Define risk with Microsoft’s sensitive information templates or build your own within Microsoft 365 compliance center.

Security dashboards

Security Dashboards

Track exposure, including anonymous links and external user access, over time to improve your cyber resilience posture.

Permissions management

Permissions Management

Add, edit, expire, or remove permissions for entire workspaces, or individual documents with sensitive information.

Bulk access control

Bulk Access Control

Quickly update permissions in batch, directly from object- or user-based security reports.

Risk scoring

Risk Scoring

Aggregate highly exposed content with sensitive information types to present a heat map of at-risk data across Microsoft 365.

Reclaim licenses

Reclaim Licenses

Remove or downgrade the license of disabled or inactive users with AvePoint Cense integration.

Inform automated policies

Inform Automated Policies

Use Policies to avoid repeatable, ad-hoc fixes. Prevent oversharing with near real-time rules enforced automatically.

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Policies & Insights has transformed our risk management practices, allowing us to discover surprising and immediately actionable risks every time we run it - from anonymous sharing links to shadow users. With the solution, we have been able to identify and mitigate risks faster, providing our clients with peace of mind knowing that their digital assets are secure.

Ian Bennett

CEO & Digital Workplace Consultant, Custom365

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