Agility, Passion & Teamwork: How Three AvePoint Colleagues Bring our Core Values to Life

Post Date: 06/01/2023
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One of the benefits of our global workforce is embracing the diversity of perspectives and experiences that all our colleagues bring to the table. In this era of cultural and experiential diversity, the significance of having unifying core values cannot be overstated, and these core values are a cornerstone in our mission to enable organizations to collaborate with confidence in the digital workplace.  

At AvePoint, these unifying tenants of Agility, Passion and Teamwork are embedded in our DNA and guide every interaction we have – with customers, partners and each other. I’m proud to share our latest peer recognition award winners, nominated by our own colleagues, to give you a glimpse into how our people make an impact, craft their careers and own their futures.  



Armani Wright,
Solution Engineer 

North America 

Armani played an instrumental role in a MaivenPoint, AvePoint’s SaaS modern learning product line, sale within the US Federal Business Sector. When speaking with the prospective customer, Armani was able to pivot his approach based on specific needs of their Chief Information Officer. As a result of Armani’s agility, MaivenPoint was able to close the deal in less than two months.  

Armani continues to go above and beyond with the customer to ensure they are seeing the benefits that MaivenPoint can bring. He’s actively working with the customer on lesson plans and deploying MaivenPoint solutions, which is creating more opportunities to bring inspiring learning experiences to more public sector agencies. 

Congratulations, Armani! 



Anna-Lisa Wolff,
Senior Project Manager 


Anna-Lisa worked as a project manager for a 100-terabyte file share migration for one of AvePoint’s EMEA customers. As the customer was short on resources, they asked for one of AvePoint’s project managers to step in and help manage their business and technical requirements.  

Anna-Lisa rose to the challenge and handled both aspects of the request, driving change within the customer’s organization. Without her passion and dedication to customer success, the challenging migration would not have been completed successfully.  

Congratulations, Anna-Lisa! 




Patrick Sender,
Solution Engineer 


In a short time, Patrick’s passion, commitment and exceptional teamwork have proven him to be a valuable colleague – supporting his peers, customers and partners throughout EMEA.  

His exceptional teamwork was highlighted during a meeting with a conservative, security-driven public sector institution: His on-point demo and comprehensive responses to security-related questions significantly influenced the customer’s openness to embracing cloud technology and working with AvePoint’s solutions. Whether it’s organizing impromptu sessions or providing invaluable assistance, the team appreciates working alongside him. 

Congratulations, Patrick! 


Find these stories inspiring? We’re looking for people who value agility, passion and teamwork, ready to come in and make an impact, craft their careers and own their future. Learn more about our culture by visiting our AvePoint Careers page

Zoe Wilson is a People Partner for AvePoint's North America Sales, IT, and Security teams. Because AvePoint's core values are so prevalent in each colleague, Zoe enjoys celebrating and writing about our Peer Recognition Winners every quarter.

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