AvePoint Employee Spotlight: Edmund White

Post Date: 12/18/2015
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Welcome to our latest installment of Employee Spotlight, where we catch up with a member of our AvePoint family and ask them a few questions about their history with the company, hobbies outside of work, and favorite aspects of where they live around the world.

edmund white

Edmund White, Field Product Manager

Location: Jersey City

Joined: 2013


How long have you been with AvePoint?   

I started mid-February 2013 as a Sales Engineer and was promoted to Senior Sales Engineer. In October 2014 I joined the Product Management team as a Field Product Manager.

Where were you working before AvePoint, and why did you come here?

I was working as a service engineer at a SharePoint software vendor implementing customized SharePoint portals and our third-party software. I wanted to stay in the SharePoint community on the vendor side so AvePoint was an obvious choice.

What is your favorite part of working for AvePoint?

This is the first job I’ve had in technology that I genuinely enjoy. I have never hated getting up in the morning and coming to work, which was depressingly commonplace at my former jobs. A few weeks into working here, I asked a colleague if it was worth working hard for AvePoint. He told me that all the energy you put in will be returned in heaps of opportunity. This has been true for me here, and, in my experience, there are not a lot of companies of AvePoint’s size where this is true. I love making connections with colleagues from all practices and parts of the world, providing value and seeing the results of my work.

When you’re not working, what is your favorite hobby?

I am really into rock climbing, so I am at the climbing gym two or three times a week. I am also pretty serious about photography and creative writing, having had some stuff published recently. I really enjoy living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The nightlife is great, so I am out with friends a lot. I also enjoy reading a lot.

If you could impart one fact about the US to the rest of AvePoint, what would it be?

I feel like the rest of the world probably knows a lot more about the US than we do about the rest of the world. I have lived in a few areas of the country and traveled extensively. There are problems in the US, and some of the stereotypes of Americans can be true, but I still think it is a great place to live and a country of amazing and valuable diversity. I especially like New York City. I have never been exposed to or had access to more interesting and intelligent people anywhere else. It seems to attract the best.

Of our five core values – passion, drive for excellence, teamwork, innovation, and industry leader – which one do you identify with most and why?

For me, passion is the core that drives all other values and makes them easy.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A former manager told me to act like the backstop in baseball. Whenever something lands on your desk or in your inbox, you should own it and solve it as if there were no on else to escalate it to. People will trust that you will follow up and make sure things get done; you will become a person people seek out for advice.

If you could give one piece of advice to new AvePoint employees, what would it be?

AvePoint is full of opportunity, but it won’t be handed to you. Try to do something outside your comfort zone every week, and opportunity will find you.

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