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Discover the benefits of a virtual data room for your next merger, acquisition, divestiture, and beyond.

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Secure collaboration during ma and beyond

Capitalize on today’s red-hot market - digitally

To participate in modern dealmaking, your business must have the ability to efficiently run research, models, and due diligence across one or many organizations. You must be able to review and share highly sensitive information with select business leaders and designated outside parties, such as legal or accounting firms. And—because we live and work online today—your business must be able to do all of this digitally.  

What’s more, your organization must be able to act quickly. Deals are progressing faster than ever. With heightened competition causing a sense of urgency and fewer in-person requirements slowing down the process, what used to take months now takes place within weeks. Your business must be able to share information and collaborate on the fly to avoid missing out on an opportunity.  

Despite this, it’s important not to let the pace or potential benefits of a transaction stop you from taking necessary precautions to keep your deal secure. The very nature of mergers and acquisitions requires companies to share highly sensitive and confidential information; poor security measures could result in accidental oversharing, data spill, or worse. 

In this eBook, we will dive into the challenges of today’s virtual dealmaking and offer recommendations on how you can make the most of your M&A by leveraging modern, innovative technology to secure your dealmaking process and beyond.

Table of Contents

  • Fast & Furious: A Look at Today's Deal Market

  • Delivering a Secure M&A Collaboration Infrastructure

  • The Deal is Done: What's Next?

  • Collaborating Securely and Effectively Post-Merger

  • Checklist: Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for M&A?

  • Conclusion

Take a sneak peek:

  • You need confidence in your configuration

    Today’s M&As require the same security, access, and usability as deals of the past. With digital being the name of the game, this means secure external sharing, precise permissions control, and efficient collaboration tools—all of which would require a complex, manual process when leveraging a standard enterprise file sharing platform. Without a purpose-built solution, it can be difficult to verify whether your safeguards are effective, let alone establish fail safes for worst-case scenarios.  With everything on the line, the consequences are simply too high to take that chance. (p. 10)

  • Discover the value of VDRs for modern dealmaking

    VDRs may never fully replace physical data rooms, but they are certainly here to stay. Utilizing a digital platform helps speed up the M&A process. Information can be shared almost instantaneously, without the time and expense involved in travel, coordination, and a physical handshake. You can also shop your deal to a wider audience, driving up valuations.  With more efficient communication, expanded opportunities, and shorter timelines, it’s no wonder so many are turning to VDRs for their M&As. (p. 12)

  • Is your IT infrastructure ready for M&A?

    One often-overlooked aspect of an integration plan? IT infrastructure. In fact, Deloitte’s M&A Trends Survey found technology integration is the biggest hurdle to effectively managing M&A integration in a purely virtual environment (Deloitte 2020).   A holistic approach to technology integration enables organizations to respond faster following the deal closing, maximizing value and mitigating risk. (p. 18)

  • Collaborate securely and effectively post-merger

    You nailed due diligence. You conquered integration. Now, it’s time to optimize your operations and secure your team’s collaboration for long-term success. With the right technology, you can exceed market valuation and make the most of your new investment. Let sprawl, risk, and exposure be a thing of the past by leveraging modern solutions that improve process, content security, and compliance across your collaboration platforms.  (p. 24)


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