MSP Ictivity Takes Full Advantage of Cloud Backup’s SaaS Capabilities for Their Clients

Success Highlights

Fast implementation
Reduced IT overhead
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Customer Location Eindhoven, Netherlands

Industry Technology

Platform Microsoft 365,SharePoint Online

IT must make processes more efficient, support employees in their tasks and add value to customers. Moreover, IT must support the strategic ambitions of an organization. This sounds logical, but very few organizations are able to realize this. Ictivity knows what it takes to achieve this. They take over operational activities, from managed services in a specific area to outsourcing of the entire IT environment. In all cases they have only one goal in mind: helping you to get the maximum value from IT.

Critical Needs

  • Self-service end user restore to reduce IT burden
  • Granular restore capability
  • Long-term data retention for healthcare compliance

The Challenge

In their frequent work for healthcare clients, Ictivity finds that their customers’ most critical need is centered around data retention compliance. For example, “patients’ data needs to be kept for 15 years and personal data for 7 years,” said Visser. “When [the healthcare client] moves to Office 365, they needed another solution to back up.”

As one of the fastest growing MSPs in Europe, Ictivity made sure to conduct their due diligence. They tested three backup solutions before ultimately purchasing AvePoint’s Cloud Backup through Ingram Micro.

(To learn more about Cloud Backup for Managed Service Partners, please visit the Elements website, powered by AvePoint.)

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AvePoint is way ahead. As an MSP, it is very good to have a completely SaaS solution. Other solutions I would have to build the infrastructure for, requiring a lot of technical guys to maintain it.
Geert Visser
CTO, Ictivity

The AvePoint Solution

Visser explains that previously all client restore requests had been going through System Admins, which is one of the more common concerns with native backup and restore functionality due to the unnecessary time cost.

“We were really looking for something that gives [clients] a self-service option to restore,” said Visser. “The time that it took to bring an item back was very slow and a large process. Over the last few years, Office 365 has grown very fast including apps other than Exchange. So the need for a good backup and restore with self-service was very important for our customers.”

Ictivity finds Cloud Backup’s chatbot within Teams – AvePoint Virtual Assistant (AVA) – to be a very useful feature that allows their customers to directly execute small restorations of data such as a single file or map.

Visser explains, “that was our biggest concern. We needed a tool that gives the end users an easy way to find their data and bring it back.”

Ultimately, Ictivity wants the experience of a backup solution to be as seamless as possible requiring little customer attention.

“Our customers don’t even know that the product is AvePoint. We just provide them with the functionality and services from Ictivity,” said Visser.

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The Road Ahead

During Ictivity’s testing of Cloud Backup, they found AvePoint’s support to be second to none.

“Every question was very quickly answered. However, we didn’t have any problems when we implemented the solution and we now have four customers using it,” said Visser.

Overall, Ictivity is very pleased with AvePoint’s Cloud Backup solution and how advanced the product is.

“As an MSP, it’s very important that the solution is SaaS. All of the other solutions we looked at, I had to build the whole infrastructure for, requiring a lot of technical guys,” explained Visser. “I don’t need to do that with AvePoint. That along with AVA and the multi-tenancy management platform have been the most important things.”

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