How to Deploy and Enhance Modern Technology in the Digital Workplace: A Preview of the Technical Implementation Track at #shifthappens Conference

Post Date: 10/04/2023
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McKinsey found that increasing the rate of technology adoption is key to achieving sustainable performance and health in the hybrid world. Yet when it comes to managing their cloud applications, 69% of business and tech leaders say their team lacks the skills needed to be proficient.    

Fortunately, the Technical Implementation track at the #shifthappens Conference can help. This track offers practical steps and actionable strategies for deploying and enabling modern technology while keeping data secure and under control. Led by Tom Gawczynski, Vice President of Software Engineering at AvePoint, the Technical Implementation track is designed to help attendees take full advantage of the latest technologies to improve productivity and enhance collaboration. 

In addition to the Technical Implementation track, the #shifthappens Conference features two other tracks that cover a wide range of topics related to digital transformation. The Industry Voice track offers expert insights on measuring progress, handling complexity, boosting productivity, managing information and using AI to supercharge digital transformation. The Business Value track showcases how peers are achieving digital workplace success by cutting costs, gaining real-time data insights, and finding new revenue streams. 

Today, we’re excited to sit down with Tom to learn more about what attendees can expect from the Technical Implementation track and the #shifthappens Conference in general. Tom will share his insights on key sessions and important takeaways and give us the inside scoop on how to make the most of the conference. Let’s dive in!  

What was your inspiration for organizing the Technical Implementation track for #shifthappens Conference? 

I wanted to address the common “what’s next?” hurdle that organizations face after adopting a new collaboration platform like Microsoft 365; they have made the investment, but don’t know what to do with it or how to get started.  

The goal of the Technical Implementation track is to help organizations move beyond the initial implementation and into the adoption phase. Attendees will learn strategies and tools to effectively implement new technology and get it right from the start, so they can maximize the benefits of their investment without having to start over. 

The track will provide insights and guidance on how to determine what’s working and what could be working better, so attendees can optimize their use of Microsoft 365 and other technologies to achieve greater success in their digital workplace.  

What do you hope attendees will gain from the Technical Implementation sessions? 

I hope attendees walk away with new ideas and approaches to challenges that they have been struggling with. This could involve a better understanding of employee engagement, improved strategies for information management, or a more comprehensive approach to finding digital workplace success. 

A significant focus of the track is on leveraging the tools and technologies that are already natively available, including exploring the features and capabilities that you may have access to or even may be paying for but are not fully utilizing.  

The sessions are designed to provide attendees with short, quick, and powerful bursts of information. The goal is to deliver actionable insights and practical tips that can be immediately applied to their work. Ultimately, the hope is that attendees will leave the sessions feeling empowered to take their technical implementation efforts to the next level and achieve greater success in their digital workplace. 

How did you choose the topics and presenters for this track? 

Topics and presenters for this track were selected to provide attendees with a rich and informative experience that will enable them to implement successful technical solutions in their organizations. The goal was to provide attendees with a diverse range of speakers who can offer different perspectives and insights into the technical implementation process. 

The presenters are industry experts, Microsoft MVPs, and professionals who have been attending tech shows around the country. They are on the front lines of what’s happening in the industry and possess technical prowess in their respective areas of expertise. 

Furthermore, the presenters have a wealth of experience in this area and are well-positioned to speak on it. They are working on interesting projects and possess unique perspectives on common problems that organizations face when adopting or implementing new technology. 

Overall, the Technical Implementation track features the best in the business, talking about the most cutting-edge technology, chosen to provide attendees with the most valuable insights and strategies. 

If you were on an elevator with someone and had only 20 seconds to convince them to attend #shifthappens Conference, what would your pitch be? 

Do you want to attend a conference with industry experts who can help you solve some of your most complex challenges? At #shifthappens Conference, these industry leaders – who have firsthand knowledge and experience with the very issues you face – will be available to you, up close and personal, offering unique perspectives on these challenges and tangible strategies to help you solve them. 

What can attendees expect to learn about in the Technical Implementation track?  

We’re covering some of the most exciting and industry-shifting technologies of today, from Microsoft Copilot and Syntex to the role of AI in, well, everything businesses will do in the future, from basic manual tasks to information management and data security.  

We’ll discuss how to use these new tools to not only take control of how your organization operates, but also optimize it. 

Some can’t miss sessions include: 

  • Corey Roth and John White: Measuring Employee Engagement in the Digital Workplace 
  • Alyssa Blackburn and Haniel Croitoru: Document Processing at Scale: Getting ready for AI 
  • Peter Romaine and Eric Schrier: Microsoft 365 Simplified: Integrating Migration, Intelligent Content Management & Future-Ready AI 
  • Brendon Colburn: Generative AI and the Digital Workplace: A New Era with Microsoft Copilot 
  • Mark Rackley: Be Your Copilot: How to Create Your Own Generative AI Assistant 

Throughout the sessions, attendees will be guided from getting started with these new tools to truly making the most of them, maximizing their investment. 

What is your favorite aspect of #shifthappens Conference? 

I am a technology nerd at heart, and having some of the greatest minds in the industry at this conference is so exciting. Not only that, but the intimacy of the conference allows attendees to have conversations with these individuals that they would not normally have outside of a webinar or a room with hundreds of people.  

The conference has a start-up feel to it, where attendees are not just a number. Attendees have the chance to engage with industry leaders up close and personal and make connections that they may not otherwise get at a mega-conference. By the end of day one, people will know who you are, and this will be a conversation piece for you going forward. 

What are your tips for making the most of attending #shifthappens Conference?  

Don’t limit yourself to just one track. You might want to bounce around a few tracks to “find your story.”  

For example, if you are interested in information management, you might attend sessions in the Technical Implementation track, but you would also want to hear from leading experts in the Industry Voice track or a customer story in the Business Value track 

So, take some time before the conference to evaluate what you want to learn and which sessions will be most valuable to you. Review the agenda and the abstracts for each session, identify specific sessions or customer stories you want to hear, and build out your own agenda that makes sense for you. 

What else do you think is important to add about #shifthappens Conference we haven’t talked about yet? 

Come with questions! Remember, you’ll learn from some of the leading minds in the industry, and you’ll have the opportunity to speak with them and get the help you need to move your digital workplace forward. If you have specific questions or challenges that you are facing, be ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity to speak with these experts and get their insights and advice.  

Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with the leading minds in the industry and get the help you need to succeed. Join us at the #shifthappens Conference and take your organization to the next level. 

The future of work is here, and the shift is happening. Will you be part of it? Reserve Your Spot .


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