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From Digital Workplace Implementation to Success: The Business Value Track at #shifthappens Conference 2023 Will Show You How

The #shifthappens Conference is back, and it’s all about helping organizations accelerate their digital workplace success in a rapidly changing world. With the convergence of relentless innovation and shifts in business dynamics, it’s important than ever to connect with peers, learn and understand the best ways to keep your organization competitive and adaptable.

Whether you are looking for strategic guidance, technical know-how, or business value alignment, you will find it at #shifthappens Conference 2023. The conference features three tracks: Industry Voice, Business Value and Technical Implementation, each offering unique sessions that cater to the different roles and goals of our attendees:

  • Industry Voice Track: Dive headfirst into the exciting world where tech meets business. We’ve curated a lineup of some of the biggest names in the game who will share secrets on measuring progress, handling complexity, boosting productivity, and mastering the art of managing information. Plus, we’ll toss in the secret sauce for using AI to supercharge your digital workplace transformation.
  • Business Value Track: Ever wondered how others are achieving digital workplace success? Get the lowdown on how your fellow professionals are making work life easier, cutting costs, getting smarter with real-time data, and finding new money-making tricks.
  • Technical Implementation Track: No more beating around the bush – moving your old tech to the cloud is the name of the game today. We’ve got the tips and strategies you need to maximize the value of your digital workplace investments. Learn how to keep your data safe, sound, and under control.

Cesar Coba Senior Vice President of Customer Success at AvePoint Today, we’re sitting down with Cesar Coba, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at AvePoint and the leader of our Business Value track. We’ll discuss what to expect from the conference, more insight behind the Business Value track sessions, and tips for how to make the most of your #shifthappens Conference experience.

Cesar brings his 20 years of experience across engineering, support and sales to work with our 21,000 customers to maximize their AvePoint investments to advance their digital workplaces.

What was your inspiration to organize the Business Value track for #shifthappens Conference?

Well, being in Customer Success for a while, I’ve had the privilege of chatting with our customers regularly. One thing I consistently hear is their eagerness to discover inventive ways their peers in different organizations are tackling similar challenges. So, when we began planning #shifthappens Conference, I saw a golden opportunity to let customers share their cloud success stories, fostering a sense of communal learning and growth.

What can attendees expect to learn about in the business value track?

We have speakers from various customers and industries lined up. To give you a taste, attendees will learn about measuring the value of digital workplace initiatives, overcoming disruptions to build mature Microsoft 365 deployments, and strategies to boost IT and business productivity. Our goal is to provide content that helps you enhance productivity and ROI for your digital workplace investments.

What do you hope attendees will gain from the Business Value track sessions?

I hope folks will hear real-life experiences from people who’ve walked in their shoes! My expectation is that this will break down barriers they’ve been facing and help them envision solutions for their organizations. For instance, we often hear about security concerns from our customers that can be solved with our technology. Frequently, solutions that work for one customer can apply to another. So, by exposing a broad audience to these successes, I aim to help organizations unlock more value with their digital workplace investments.

How did you choose the topics and presenters for this track?

We wanted to bring success stories covering the three core pillars of the Microsoft cloud journey: modernizing collaboration, enhancing security, and delivering a resilient platform to the business. Once we settled on these themes, we reached out to customers and partners who’ve implemented creative solutions across these areas and teamed up with them to share these stories with the #shifthappens Conference audience.

If you were on an elevator with someone and had only 20 seconds to convince them to attend #shifthappens Conference, what would your pitch be?

Don’t get left behind in the fast-paced world of AI and the digital workplace. Join the industry experts at #shifthappens to gain practical insights on bleeding-edge technology and learn how to apply it to your organization, all while networking with like-minded peers. It’s the ultimate opportunity to transform your business and stay ahead of the competition.

What is your favorite aspect of #shifthappens Conference?

I attended our first #shifthappens Conference a few years back, and the best part for me was spending time with folks in person and building connections. While the content is valuable, the human element of the conference is truly energizing. It’s a reminder of the value we bring as a strategic partner.

What are your tips for making the most of attending #shifthappens Conference?

Challenge yourself to connect with strangers! Everyone has unique perspectives and valuable experiences to share. I’m confident that the human connections at the conference will make it a memorable experience.

What else do you think is important to add about #shifthappens Conference we haven’t talked about yet?

Well, it’s pretty clear that I’m passionate about Customer Success, but I can’t leave without a shameless plug for AvePoint. We have some exciting announcements related to our products and company vision in store. So, be sure to arrive early, not just for breakfast but also to learn about the cool things from our CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Tianyi Jiang, and our CPO John Peluso. Then, feel free to hunt me down at the conference, and we can delve deeper into how it may apply to your organization. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my session on maximizing the value of Microsoft 365 during a transformation, too. See you there!

The future of work is here, and the shift is happening. Will you be part of it? 

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Christopher Musico
Christopher Musico
As Senior Director of Content & Communications at AvePoint, Chris is responsible for all external and internal corporate marketing communications. Chris brings more than 15 years of experience to his role at AvePoint, previously holding roles at EisnerAmper, BASF, MetLife and CRM Magazine. Chris received two American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) awards for feature articles on and generational trends.

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