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Dux Quax: All About the Microsoft MVP Program with Sonia Cuff

Hey y’all, Dux here with another edition of Dux Quax! For this installment, I’m with my good friend and The Missing Chair co-founder Sonia Cuff. Watch the video below to hear what she had to say about the Microsoft MVP program!

Dux: Hey, everybody! We’re here at Tech Summit, and I’m here with my good friend Sonia.

Sonia: Hey.

Dux: Sonia, why don’t you tell everybody about the MVP program. Why is it important?

Sonia: The MVPs are people who are out in the real world, doing this stuff, using the technology, and sharing their knowledge and information with the community.

Dux: How can folks be an MVP?

Sonia: Go to mvp.microsoft.com for more information, and you can register, and get guidance on how to put your nomination in, and yeah, be assessed for all the kind of volunteer activities that you do out in the world.

Dux: Speaking about sharing their knowledge, and being a volunteer, what’s your special power? What knowledge do you share out there?

Sonia: The best thing that MVPs can do is actually share how things work in the real world, because we bridge the gap between the Microsoft marketing material and how we actually see things function, and talking about those experiences where we really add value.

Dux: Got it. What are some of your core areas of expertise that you share with people?

Sonia: The MVPs go right across the different product sets of all the Microsoft products. I’m an Office Service and Services MVP with Office 365.

Dux: Me, too.

Sonia: I talk about Microsoft Teams and a lot of that kind of stuff. That’s based… We have MVPs across all the different Microsoft product sets.

Dux: Make sure you check out the MVP program at mvp.microsoft.com. Thanks, Sonia!

Sonia: You’re welcome. Cheers!


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