Accelerating Secure Collaboration in the Digital Workplace with AvePoint Cloud Backup Express

Post Date: 11/15/2023
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As the world becomes increasingly data-driven and AI-driven, businesses are facing new challenges in managing the exponential growth in the data they generate. Keeping files, documents, and collaboration secure while managing it all efficiently is crucial. However, traditional methods of protecting data throughout its lifecycle and ensuring better availability while managing cost is no longer effective at the scale necessary to address the exponential growth of data.  

As a Microsoft Content AI Partner, AvePoint is introducing AvePoint Cloud Backup Express to advance flexible, secure collaboration in the digital workplace.  

Introducing AvePoint Cloud Backup Express: Accelerating Business Continuity 

AvePoint has more than 20 years of experience securely protecting organizations of every size and industry around the world, and today manages over 250 petabytes of data on a daily basis. As a result, we understand the unique challenges presented by the need to protect large, dynamic volumes of data. Consider if an organization is undergoing a merger and needs to consolidate thousands of new Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and OneDrive accounts at once. New projects create larger footprints in SharePoint overnight as legacy systems are retired. For any backup vendor, the ability to download and create copies of that content takes time. Combine this with the continued rise in ransomware attacks and security breaches that make it critical for organizations to safeguard themselves from losing data and sensitive information. They must have a system that will ensure business continuity.

Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) enable a business to know how long it can afford to be down and how recent the data will be following the recovery. With AvePoint Cloud Backup Express, customers can now achieve unprecedented speeds that provide more effective RTOs and RPOs, sustaining business continuity for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange, while keeping all data within the Microsoft 365 security boundary powered by Microsoft 365 Backup Storage.  

To learn more and to sign up for our AvePoint Cloud Backup Express private preview, visit our website. To see the demo, click here 

Key Considerations for Secure Multi-Cloud Data Protection 

Eighty-two percent of IT decision-makers are concerned their organization’s existing data protection solutions won’t be able to meet all future business challenges. The dependence on multiple SaaS applications to power hybrid work continues to grow, which is leading organizations to adopt a cloud-centric data protection strategy with AvePoint’s multi-SaaS cloud backup solution. 

Here are three important considerations when evaluating the best approach for secure, multi-SaaS data protection: 

Comprehensive protection across all critical systems  

As more organizations adopt multiple software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in their digital workplace, it’s important to protect data across all cloud applications, self-hosted systems, and other critical workloads. 

Studies show relying on a single backup vendor who can provide multi-SaaS cloud backup in a single pane of glass lowers the risk of experiencing a cyberattack or data loss incident by 44% compared to those who use multiple vendors and backup solutions. The 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Backup-as-a-Service, which named AvePoint as a representative vendor for the second consecutive year, recommends selecting one comprehensive backup provider that can protect all the diverse workloads and systems your organization needs to safeguard, and avoiding a piecemeal approach of multiple point solutions that each only address a specific workload. 

AvePoint’s data resiliency solutions for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, Google, and Amazon Web Services provide a complete end-to-end solution that allows you to own your service level agreements, protect your most critical data, recover quickly, and maintain flexibility in data storage – all from a single pane of glass. 

Ability to fully control data ownership to meet business requirements 

When storing data in the cloud, the responsibility of maintaining compliance with regulations is shared between you and your backup-as-a-service provider. So, it’s crucial to fully understand the specific compliance challenges now and in the future. 

It’s important to remember that compliance standards are not only applicable to production systems, but also to backups and archives. This is why choosing a backup provider intimately knowledgeable about relevant regulations, with the ability to help you meet and adapt to evolving compliance requirements, is a must. Failure to do so risks non-compliance for data privacy, residency, or sovereignty regulations. 

For example, if you have geographic data residency or sovereignty requirements, your backup provider must have data centers in the specific locations where you need to store and backup data. AvePoint has 15 data centers strategically located around the world, enabling customers to dictate exactly where certain subsets of data are stored. 

Empower end users with self-service restore  

Losing or accidentally deleting an essential file, folder, or email can be a frustrating and often lengthy disruption, especially if restoring the content requires the manual intervention of IT teams. Traditionally, central IT staff or global admins would need to locate and tediously recover the file, which frequently caused delays in productivity for impacted users. Moreover, IT teams are already overburdened without this added restore burden. 

AvePoint address this by offering self-service restore capabilities, whereby end users can easily recover their own lost or deleted content without needing assistance from IT. For example, AvePoint ReCenter helps users quickly find their own missing files, folders, emails, and other content across key workloads. It then enables them to securely restore the content themselves with just a single click, without ever needing to burden IT teams or your organization’s help desk. 

This is a major win-win for both users and IT staff across your organization. Users benefit enormously from the ability to easily and rapidly restore their own data whenever needed, minimizing downtime and disruption. Meanwhile, IT teams can focus their efforts on more critical issues, without the distraction of menial, time-consuming administrative tasks like individual file restore requests. 

Bringing it all together 

As organizations continue embracing digital transformation, it’s clear that data is one of their most valuable assets. However, with explosive data growth and evolving threats comes increased risk. Organizations need robust data protection and collaboration solutions to secure their data while enabling productivity. 

AvePoint is committed to helping organizations accelerate secure collaboration through our continued integration of Microsoft technologies into our products. With AvePoint Cloud Backup Express, we aim to give organizations the tools they need to collaborate securely. 

With comprehensive backup for Microsoft 365 and other critical systems, AvePoint protects and secures data covering a range of business scenarios. We now provide organizations solutions that meet their unique business needs – whether they need to protect Microsoft 365 data and improve their RTOs and RPOs, or if they are looking for advanced security features to meet regulatory requirements in a multi-cloud scenario. We look forward to working with customers to unlock the potential of their data and collaborate securely now and in the future. 

John Peluso is AvePoint’s Chief Product Officer. In this role, he aligns product strategy with business strategy, leading the conception and design of software solutions with a focus on product market-fit and optimal customer value. Prior to this role, John has held several leadership roles over his 10+ year tenure at AvePoint, including SVP of Product Strategy, Director of Education, and Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector. Before coming to AvePoint, John held a variety of technology and business roles at New Horizons Northeast and New Horizons of Central and Northern NJ. He earned his undergraduate degree from The New School.

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