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Three Ways Companies will Use SharePoint for the Next 10 Years

I recently had the opportunity to author an article for CMSWire discussing the different ways organizations will be using Microsoft SharePoint for the next decade.

Microsoft Office 365 has proven to be a major disruption to how companies use SharePoint to meet business requirements. There have been plenty of rumors, fears, uncertainties, and doubts around Microsoft’s plans for SharePoint’s future releases, as well as the support of critical features and functionality companies rely on. Investments in SharePoint deployments have been massive throughout the pre-Office-365 years, and SharePoint continues to push its way into tier one line-of-business-application territory for many organizations. So the question is – taking into account Office 365 – how will companies be using SharePoint over the next 10 years?

In the article, I discuss three potential paths for SharePoint use. These include:

On Premises: The on-premises SharePoint platform will always offer a more flexible, customizable, and controllable experience for administrators and developers. Certain workloads may never be able to leave the on-premises environment.

All-in Office 365: Based on the development activity and rapid release schedule we’ve already seen on Office 365, we can only begin to imagine what it will look like in 10 years. It will have the most exciting features, integrations, and innovations. We can also expect other disruptive technologies in that time, even if we don’t know specifically what they will be.

Hybrid: Microsoft acknowledges that it is rarely going to be an all-or-nothing situation when it comes to the cloud and on-premises SharePoint, so we have to get comfortable with the concept of a hybrid architecture. Over the next 10 years, we will see better integration with on-premises data stores, improved navigation for a seamless end user experience, and more centralized management capabilities for all environments.

To read more about the different approaches to hosting SharePoint that companies will use over the next 10 years, please visit CMSWire.

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Edmund White
Edmund White
In his former role as Vice President of Solution Engineering, Edmund specialized in delivering custom SharePoint solutions, third-party software, and services since 2007, as well a variety of enterprise technologies.


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