New Stream Features in SharePoint: 3 Major Improvements

Post Date: 05/20/2021
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In today’s remote and digital world, we have learned to accommodate e-learning. But remote learning does not only require collaboration; it also requires proper information dissemination that’s relevant to your students while keeping security in mind.

For e-learning to be effective, there must be a platform that supports the students’ diverse learning processes and empowers the educators’ teaching strategies.

Seeing the demands for an effective platform for digital education, Microsoft has expanded its presence in the education space by enhancing Microsoft 365 as a platform to enable seamless remote learning experiences both for educators and students alike.

The New Stream Features in SharePoint

Following their announcement of Viva at this year’s Ignite, Microsoft has been enhancing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to better support Employee Experience Platforms (EXP), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Learning Development Platforms (LDP).

This April, new features for Stream in SharePoint were released with the following enhancements:

1. Accessibility

Stream now has better transcripts and captions for live events and meetings. Alongside meeting recordings that came with Microsoft Teams Live Transcripts, transcripts are also now available and can be uploaded to any other video in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Releasing: July-September 2021


2. Security

By default, videos can now only be viewed in “read-only” access. A “block download” functionality will also be added to prevent any unauthorized access in consideration of privacy and intellectual property security.

This will initially be available to non-channel meeting recordings, but features for channel recordings will be rolled out a few weeks later.

Releasing: July-August 2021

3. Content Consumption

Alongside updates on reading progress and other key features, new and improved playback features such as higher quality video, a transcript pane on the right, multiple language transcript support, and speaker identification in the transcript will also be added.

Videos can also now be discovered, distributed, and consumed more easily and like any other files in your Microsoft 365 environment! This is made possible as the Stream web app will be part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Releasing: June-August 2021


What It Means for You

As a Microsoft 365 customer, what does all this mean for you? Are these capabilities enough to support your learning management goals?

Viva, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint are all great platforms to start your remote learning journey on, but we believe it is not enough (yet!) for a whole organization’s learning management needs.

Stream in SharePoint and Viva Learning continues to develop and evolve, but as long as its capabilities do not fully support your e-learning requirements, it cannot stand alone as a learning management platform.

Regardless of where you are, if you’re in the space where you’re trying to teach somebody something, platforms such as Microsoft Teams will work best if you have a last-mile solution provider that will help you reach your audience where they live – learning in the flow of work!sharepoint

How AvePoint Can Help

AvePoint recognizes the power of Microsoft Teams as a platform, and that’s why we continue to build solutions that better empower users who leverage Microsoft 365.

As one of our first holistic SaaS education management systems, Edutech is directly integrated with Microsoft 365 as a powerful solution to meet your learning needs and make remote learning–whether that’s for education establishments or corporate development–better for organizations.

Built to support the extensibility of Microsoft Teams and crafted with flexibility, safety, and the user experience in mind, Edutech is designed to help achieve your organization’s training and accreditation needs, whether that’s learning development, employee upscaling, corporate professional development, or for students and K12 students, instructors, course admins, administrators, and admission officers.

Learn more about Edutech’s features and smart capabilities by visiting our website.

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