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Why AvePoint is Committed to Customer Success

Great news to all our customers! To help you fully unleash the power of our products and solutions, AvePoint has created a team of industry professionals and experts who can provide you with guidance and support a sustainable software adoption strategy.

We all know Microsoft Office 365 is a substantial, varied and somewhat complex platform of apps that offers benefits to organizations across all industries. Seamlessly adopting and integrating these services can be challenging for a number of reasons. This is where AvePoint comes in; to further support the seamless adoption of Office 365 with our products and solutions.

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AvePoint’s Customer Success initiative was launched at the end of May 2018 with the goal of providing customers the best experience possible with our products and solutions. We have formed a division specifically for this purpose, and as we start engaging with our customers they are starting to see the benefits of this initiative.

“Customer Success is becoming more of an integral role in our industry for monitoring customer satisfaction, so I am excited to be heading up the APAC Customer Success team.

If a customer is successful at using our software, then we are successful. Click To Tweet

“We have a strong focus on our customers from pre-sales to support, and our core mantra is: If a customer is successful at using our software, then we are successful.” — Eric Lam, Customer Success and Service Delivery of AvePoint Australia.

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, it is in our best interest to ensure that every customer we work with knows how to fully implement and take advantage of our products and solutions. Our Customer Success teams are trained to ensure that our tools are being leveraged and understood to their fullest extent.

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As we continue to grow the Customer Success division over the coming months, we are confident these investments will result in an even better end user experience for our customers.

We aim to deliver positive experiences for our customers and we are committed to this by providing direct 24-hour support from Customer Success representatives across the globe. Our industry professionals can also act as trusted advisors with respect to any upcoming SharePoint projects.

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