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Customer Success at AvePoint: Who We are and What We Do

Every organization cares — or should care — about the success of its customers. It can be easy to fall into the mindset of “on to the next sale,” but not here at AvePoint. We are invested in ensuring our customers continue to use and be satisfied with our products and services.

We believe and understand that no two businesses have the same vision, implementation, and, most importantly, people. The beauty of SharePoint and Office 365 is the ability to customize the platform to fit your needs, preferences, and procedures. However, we understand that can make it confusing and intimidating.

Our Customer Success organization provides a tailored approach to your company’s vision. We are the trusted adviser with an objective view to assist in laying out the stepping stones that are right for your organization’s footprint, all while keeping you aligned with and prepared for Microsoft’s initiatives. Our goal is to increase your understanding and satisfaction with AvePoint by focusing on your return on investment.

You have invested in us, so we want to reciprocate by providing you with a complimentary service to help you with your projects, plans and goals. After all, your success is our passion. We want to be the GPS for your Microsoft journey.

How does this help you?

Customer Success achieves the privilege of being a trusted adviser by combining four key factors; industry knowledge, product knowledge, situational comprehension, and tailored guidance of your ongoing situation; all wrapped in an objective approach.

Not only does Customer Success have substantial industry knowledge, but we also have an insurmountable understanding of the solutions that you own in which AvePoint has developed and grown. We understand the best ways to implement and utilize what you possess to yield the highest return on your investment.

We serve as your internal advocate

Customer Success happens to be a dream team compiled of many tenured players from multiple positions.

Your trusted adviser. A tailor for your SharePoint and Office 365 implementation. AvePoint’s complimentary asset dedicated to your fullest success with AvePoint and Microsoft investments. These are all passionate goals that each Customer Success Representative embodies.

Allow us to earn your trust. Book a meeting today.

Sabrina Vazquez
Sabrina Vazquez
Sabrina is our Vice President of Customer Success, responsible for ensuring product adoption that drives customer success, engagement and retention.


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