How to Access Globally Redundant, Resilient SaaS Solutions

Post Date: 04/18/2022
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Cyberattack risks continue to rise.

Data breaches and ransomware hits can land companies in regulatory trouble and open them up to class action litigation. This emphasizes the need for robust cybersecurity practices and preparedness programs.

How can businesses build resiliency?

Even with the best security training, you need to be prepared for the “one person who clicked.” Prepare by backing up your data early and often. Products like AvePoint Cloud Backup can provide early warning signs through detection of anomaly and encryption – even for attacks that stretch over the course of weeks or months. Cloud Backup also provides reporting that allows administrators to determine impacted scopes which could greatly help to shorten investigation time and restore time.

The bottom line: security is about mitigating risk. Even with all the strict security measures put in place, the risk of getting hit by ransomware attacks is never zero, and it’s always better to be prepared than be complacent.

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Hyperscale SaaS Platform

AvePoint’s Cloud Backup solution protects up to 100 PB. More than 21,000 customers worldwide rely on our full suite of solutions to make them more productive, compliant, and secure. Whether you’ve got 10 or 1,000s of users, we’ve got your backup handled.

Our SaaS platform is available in over 14 data centers globally, enabling our partners and customers to scale and support data sovereignty requirements. Backups run up to 4x a day, are encrypted by default, and are stored for the life of your contract in either your own storage or our built-in storage. Azure protection is also coming soon!

Choose Wisely

Not all backup solutions are created equal. When it comes to finding the best backup solution, ensure that it doesn’t disrupt productivity and collaboration for your users. At AvePoint, we believe data is more powerful when protected. AvePoint offers powerful data recovery options that are superior to other backup solutions.

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AvePoint Cloud Backup is available directly for organizations and also available for managed service providers via our strategic distribution partners across more than 100 cloud marketplaces worldwide. Start your free trial today!

“For us, the main reason was fast development, fast restores, reliability, and an easy-to-use interface. We have all of that within AvePoint’s product. Cloud Backup’s compatibility with new M365 services and functionality updates means MSPs can offer swift, comprehensive protection.”

–Mark Schoonderbeek, Operational Director, Xcellent

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John Hodges is Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at AvePoint, focusing on developing compliance solutions that address modern data privacy, classification, and data protection needs for organizations worldwide. Since joining AvePoint in 2008, John has worked directly with the company’s product management and research & development teams to cultivate creative ideas and bridge the gap between sales and technology – providing a practical target for innovation and a focused message for sales and marketing. John has been actively engaged in the SharePoint community for several years, working with many Fortune 500 companies to drive sustainable adoption of Microsoft technology and optimize SharePoint’s larger purpose-built implementations. John’s insights and opinions on modern Information Technology can be found in various industry publications, as well as throughout this numerous speaking sessions in webinars and at events worldwide.

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