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Introducing Microsoft Syntex: Microsoft Ignite 2022 Edition

Earlier today, we announced that AvePoint is one of the featured launch partners for Microsoft Syntex, which uses advancements in cloud computing and artificial intelligence to transform how content is created, processed, and discovered in Microsoft 365, helping businesses to empower their people and automate workflows at scale.

Microsoft Syntex is just one of the exciting developments coming from Microsoft Ignite 2022. Visit our website to find out how you can connect with AvePoint and see how, together with Microsoft, we’re delivering an engaging, productive, and secure collaboration experience for hybrid work.

Engaged with the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program since its founding in 2017, we’ve been closely following Microsoft Syntex’s evolution since its birth as SharePoint Syntex. SharePoint Syntex was the first product to come from Project Cortex, launched in 2019 as an initiative to “[apply] advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to empower people with knowledge and expertise in the apps they use every day.”

That’s why we were excited to work closely with Microsoft as a launch partner for Microsoft Syntex for this year’s Ignite event. For the last 21 years, AvePoint has built a holistic alliance with Microsoft spanning technology, sales, and marketing so that together, we can help organizations around the world improve business productivity and realize their goals using Microsoft technologies.


What is Microsoft Syntex and why are we excited about it?

Microsoft Syntex leverages the advantage of the advancements in cloud computing and AI to transform how content is created, processed, and discovered – ultimately unleashing content to power business.

We’re particularly excited about three specific enhancements and what it means for creating a future enabling organizations to truly understand, process, and ensure compliance for its content in Microsoft 365 to deliver better business outcomes:

  • Backup and Restore: Microsoft Syntex now offers the ability to back up and restore SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive. When combined with AvePoint’s award-winning data protection solution for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure Active Directory, and Virtual Machines, organizations can have a complete, end-to-end backup solution that enables them to own their service level agreements, protect their most critical data and maintain flexibility in where data is stored.
  • Information Management: The new release of Microsoft Syntex enables organizations to archive entire site collections within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, allowing organizations to index the content for eDiscovery and compliance purposes. When combined with AvePoint’s holistic information lifecycle management solution across Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Exchange Online, social media, and file systems, this enhancement provides organizations with command and control of their records from creation and classification to retention and disposal in one centralized SaaS platform.
  • Content Management: Microsoft Syntex now gives IT administrators visibility into sharing links and sensitive files in SharePoint sites, with the ability to then initiate reviews by those responsible for the sites that are housing these files. This new capability, when combined with AvePoint’s formal recertification and renewal capabilities for all Microsoft 365 workspace types, means organizations will have the best of formal and informal access review capabilities to both satisfy audit and compliance teams and still offer an on-demand review of potentially risky sharing activity.

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Our Track Record Partnering with Microsoft on New Features

We’ve had more than 20 years of experience working closely with Microsoft to not only get first-hand access to its continued innovation but also create best-in-class solutions that enable organizations to get the most out of Microsoft’s newest features. One recent example was the Microsoft Teams Import API released in 2021, which enabled organizations to programmatically import third-party platform messages into Microsoft Teams (think Slack to Teams, or even Teams to Teams migrations). We built our migration software, AvePoint Fly, to work hand-in-hand with the Teams Import API to migrate unsupported data and marry a robust migration process with the new (at the time) technology.

In the coming days, we’ll go deeper into some of the new Microsoft Syntex features we’re excited about and how AvePoint’s solutions extend the enhancements to ensure organizations can truly use content to power their business objectives.

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John Peluso
John Peluso
John Peluso is AvePoint’s Chief Product Officer. In this role, he aligns product strategy with business strategy, leading the conception and design of software solutions with a focus on product market-fit and optimal customer value. Prior to this role, John has held several leadership roles over his 10+ year tenure at AvePoint, including SVP of Product Strategy, Director of Education, and Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector. Before coming to AvePoint, John held a variety of technology and business roles at New Horizons Northeast and New Horizons of Central and Northern NJ. He earned his undergraduate degree from The New School.

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