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How to Create a Strong “Better Together” Story With Partners

Creating a long-lasting partnership with a vendor will go much more smoothly if you have a clear story of how you’re “better together.” How will working in unison benefit you and your customers? Does it feel like a natural pairing? How easily can you illustrate the upside to your customer base? All of these questions are important to consider.

In this episode of P2PNow, we break down how to create a strong “better together” story.


Christian: The question for this episode is: How do you create a “Better Together” story as partners?

Sam: The better together story is by far the most important part of establishing a partnership. Many organizations begin working together because of a single opportunity. Companies continue to work together because they’ve identified a good story. 

Christian: So what makes the “better together” story?

Sam: Not sure if you’ve ever played “ad-libs” as a kid. But we created a simple one when it comes to the Better together story: The Partners X Service is enhanced by AvePoint’s Y solution to meet customer’s Z requirements. 

Christian: Simple enough. You have to explicitly tie your services together to the benefit of the customer. 

Sam: Correct but that’s just the first part. It’s enough of to say – we do migration, they have a migration tool, customers need migrations. 

Take bring a Better Together story to live you need three things:

    1. Customer need. 
    2. Technical feasibility
    3. Executive buy-in

Christian: I feel like we’re entering the “Easier said than done” part of the segment.

Sam: Ha. Correct. This seems like common sense. But you need all three to really drive the story forward. You’ll know if you have a real “better together” story engaged. Because pipeline still be generated naturally

It shouldn’t feel like a “struggle” to implement this story. 

If there is genuinely a customer need and the story works. Then the pipeline will begin to generate

You just need to be honest about do you have a compelling Better Together story. 

Christian: Excellent. Thank you for that overview, Sam. As always, to find out more about AvePoint’s Partner Program, visit

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Christian Buckley
Christian Buckley
An Office Apps & Services MVP and Microsoft Regional Director, Christian Buckley is an internationally recognized author and speaker and runs the community-focused CollabTalk blog, podcast, and tweetjam series.
Sam Valme
Sam Valme
Sam Valme is Senior Director of Partner Experience at AvePoint, working out of our Arlington, Virginia office.

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