Drive Operational Efficiency with Elements Partner Intelligence Platform August Updates

Post Date: 08/06/2023
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AvePoint continues to empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deliver cutting-edge services and accelerate digital transformation for their customers. In this release, the Elements Partner Intelligence Platform offers new enhancements that provide a unified and streamlined experience for both MSPs and their customers. Here’s a look at what’s new for August 2023: 

What’s New in the Elements Platform

Deliver Critical Insights with Timely and Efficient Distribution

Elements continues to empower MSPs to drive operational efficiencies with features that can save their customers time to spend on more critical tasks that drive business value. Our web-based reporting center allows you to generate reports that detail customer operations, subscription usage, subscription expiration, user activity, insights, storage consumption, and support ticket submissions.

With this release, the Elements Report Center now gives the option to configure whether reports generated should be sent directly from Elements to the customer. Facilitating timely and efficient distribution while ensuring seamless accessibility.  


Delegated Administration for Onboarding 

This release continues to enhance delegated administration with a new role permission for MSPs to onboard new customers. This update allows MSPs to assign only onboarding responsibilities to someone within their team, without giving them full administrative rights across all customers. 

avepoint-elements-msp-delegated-administration-onboardingPower up your MSP Game

Drive growth and boost sales with powerful integrations and built-in capabilities. MSPs can now sign up and log in to the AvePoint Partner Program from the Resources section within Elements. The Partner Program offers certification courses across our business and technical tracks, on-demand training, live training sessions, and more! 


To learn how you can take advantage of these latest updates to extend and differentiate your modern, cloud-based managed service offerings, visit our website 


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