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The Best Tool for Major Cloud Migration Projects

There’s a ton of opportunity for partners to build compelling products and services based on AvePoint’s technology, so in this four-part series we’re going to focus on our new Grow Your Business partner campaign.

For part two of this P2PNow series, we’re discussing the intricacies of data migration. We break down why AvePoint’s Fly solution is critical for migration projects and how it handles cloud migrations of all types even beyond Microsoft 365. Watch the session below or read on for a full transcript!


Christian: Welcome to the third video in a four-part series on how AvePoint partners can grow their business.

Sam: Since launching our partner program in July of 2021, AvePoint has been developing and publishing content and guidance to help our partners add to existing business activities and develop new revenue streams. This video is a continuation of those efforts.

Christian: Sam, as you know, when I joined Microsoft in 2006 to help build what is now known as Office 365, some of my first internal projects were to help with migrations from the 2003 version of SharePoint to 2007. And when I left Microsoft in 2009, I joined a small SharePoint migration vendor. 

So I’ve been working in the migration space for a long time, and understand the business opportunity.

Sam: With the move to the cloud, many pundits over the years have said that migrations will soon be a thing of the past.

Christian: Yes, I’ve heard that tune for many years, going back to SharePoint 2013, which was really the beginning of the architecture for what is now SharePoint Online. And I heard it again with SharePoint 2016, and with the launch of Microsoft Teams. And yet all of my friends and contacts who work for MSPs and SIs around the work have seen no slowing in the need for migration services.

Even as organizations consolidate their various cloud environments, they are constantly reorg’ing and restructuring their environments. Within Teams, one of the chief complaints from customers — of all sizes, by the way — is the problem with sprawl. We are creating content and data at an exponential rate.

Add to that Teams and channels, bots, team sites, communities, chats, and meetings, and then your customer wants to reorg or they acquire a competitor. In short, there is a tremendous business around migration-as-a-service.

Sam: While Backup & Restore may be AvePoint’s oldest product, right behind it is migration. We’ve been involved in SharePoint migrations for two decades and we do a lot more than just move your SharePoint and OneDrive content

Christian: Yes, indeed. Our Fly platform handles all cloud migration scenarios, from SharePoint and OneDrive to Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and Dynamics 365. We can also migrate from SaaS providers such as Box, Google Drive, and Slack amongst others. 

Partners love our Fly solution, which includes a self-guided tool for easy pre-migration planning. Additionally, for partners dealing with on-premises or hybrid migrations, we have you covered as well. As I said, we’ve been doing this for a long time.

Sam: I don’t know many partners who don’t provide some level of migration services. What’s the differentiator for AvePoint?

Christian: Well, I’d start with the number of SaaS solutions we can migrate from. I think a lot of partners out there may be familiar with our old migration solutions and haven’t taken the time to look at the Fly platform. It’s completely different, streamlined, light-weight, and easy to use. And it’s incredibly economical.

In fact, many of our partners who offer migration-as-a-service take advantage of our pay-as-you-go licensing, which is incredibly inexpensive and dramatically reduces the cost of migrations while dramatically improving their bottom line.

Sam: Great stuff, Christian. If you are looking to extend your current migration offerings or build out a migration-as-a-service offering. Be sure to sign up for the AvePoint partner program by going to!

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Christian Buckley
Christian Buckley
An Office Apps & Services MVP and Microsoft Regional Director, Christian Buckley is an internationally recognized author and speaker and runs the community-focused CollabTalk blog, podcast, and tweetjam series.
Sam Valme
Sam Valme
Sam Valme is Senior Director of Partner Experience at AvePoint, working out of our Arlington, Virginia office.

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