Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Why Microsoft Teams is Killing Skype for Business (and How to Prepare)

Has your organization fully adopted Skype for Business? Here's why Microsoft Teams is slowly killing it off (and how to get ready for the change).
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#Office365 Groups vs. #MicrosoftTeams (Revisited)

Does the question of "Office 365 Groups vs. Microsoft Teams" still stand? Click here to learn about the current state of the question that went viral.
microsoft teams

Why #MicrosoftTeams Bests Other Chat Solutions Every Time

Are you looking for the perfect chat solution for your company? Click here to learn why Microsoft Teams stands above the rest every time.
microsoft teams

6 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Free #MicrosoftTeams

Are you curious to learn how easy the new free version of Microsoft Teams is to use? Click here for a detailed walkthrough and first-hand impressions.
microsoft teams

Q&A: The Top 5 Microsoft Teams Challenges

Did you miss Dux Raymond Sy's latest recent webinar on Microsoft Teams? You can get caught up with the answers to the best audience questions right here.
microsoft teams

Guide: How to Get Started with Microsoft Teams Templates

Are you tired of creating a new team from scratch for every facet of your organization? Let's see if Microsoft Teams Templates can help remedy that.
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