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"Cloud Smart" with a FedRAMP ATO at the Moderate Impact Level

Transforming and digitizing into a modern collaborative workplace is a MUST directive for your agency. And it's up to IT to figure out what that means and how to get it done securely. So where do you start? No matter if it’s securing classified data, protecting your Salesforce environment with the only FedRAMP (moderate) authorized solution on Salesforce AppExchange, maintaining control of your Microsoft 365 tenants and assets, or getting to the cloud in the first place, we’ve got you covered.

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To say that AvePoint tools are valuable to us can’t be stressed enough.
Terrence Sheridan
SharePoint Database Administrator, U.S. Department of State
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Meet AvePoint Public Sector

AvePoint Public Sector Inc. is an independent subsidiary of AvePoint Inc., the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices.

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, AvePoint Public Sector serves more than 1,000 customers in 49 out of the 50 states, including 400 local governments and municipalities, every cabinet of the federal government, and all four branches of the DoD.

AvePoint is a five-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner and a Partner Award winner for Government. In addition, our AvePoint Online Services for US Government has achieved FedRAMP Authorization at the moderate level, including the only solution authorized on Salesforce AppExchange.

Collaborate Securely Through Your Cloud Journey


Not ready for the cloud? No problem. Our solutions ensure you’re able to support your security, retention, records, and privacy requirements for SharePoint and file share content without the overhead.


Whether you’re looking to transition to the cloud, or are hybrid living for the long haul, ensure operational excellence with AvePoint. Our solutions enable a hybrid-cloud architecture during or after your migration. Users are guided to the right place based on their location, purpose, or security level.


AvePoint enables secure data management in the cloud to help you manage and protect your data. Whether you need to comply with federal, state, or international regulations, like ITAR or CMMC, or strict internal controls, we can help.

Design and Plan

Solutions to meet your unique agency needs

We offer solutions for every level of the U.S. public sector. Keep reading to discover how AvePoint can help you.

National Security and DoD

We've built solutions with IT efficiency and data protection in mind

Federal Civilian

Create a sustainable way to modernize and secure your collaboration

Federal System Integrators (FSI)

Get support for your mandates CMMC and more

State and Local

Improve your service delivery while protecting regulated information


Protection and management to deliver online workspaces to your students in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

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Migration and Deployment


National Security and DoD

We’ve helped multiple agencies provide globally redundant access to their mission-critical processes, command, and data. Our solutions are built with IT efficiency in mind, so you can deliver a seamless and secure SharePoint service without the overhead.

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Robust multi-farm architecture support

Ensure robust infrastructure management and multi-farm security across file and SharePoint systems.

Deliver SharePoint as a Service

Deliver SharePoint as a service with built-in security and records controls. Guide users to the right places and actions without the IT overhead.

Automatic tools & tagging

Tag, classify and automatically protect content across file shares and SharePoint.

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Federal Civilian

Deliver on mission objectives with Microsoft 365 confidently. We will enable you to maintain data integrity and security during migration, and reduce risk by making sure the right information stays only in approved hands. Give your agency a sustainable way to modernize its' service delivery.

Read the U.S. Department of State case studyRequest a demo

Compliant migration

Compliant migration and data management ensure your data only goes where it’s allowed.

Automated IT services

Automated provisioning, management, and lifecycle guides users to the right place, scales IT and ensures protection wherever data lives.

Policy enforcement and control

Policies for enforcing membership, deletions, tagging, and classification get enforced automatically.

Adoption and Change Management


Federal Systems Integrators (FSI)

Drive more recurring revenue by partnering with AvePoint. We empower the contractors and partners we work with to satisfy your most stringent security clearance requirements. Our solutions are hosted on GCC data centers and are FedRAMP ATO at the moderate impact level.

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Efficient IT management

We understand complex IT projects and provide the tools, expertise, and solid foundation to ensure your projects are accomplished on time and within budget.

Regulations and certifications covered

From ensuring contract standards like CAS to ITAR compliance to CMMC, our solutions have been built with the public sector in mind. Confidently support your customers knowing you've got the highest standards behind you.

Centralized and automated controls

Automate controls on who has access to what information and in what environment. Proactively get alerted if a sensitive document link is accidentally sent to someone without the right credentials in a few easy clicks, protecting your customer's data.

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State and Local


State and Local

Improve service delivery and enhance information protection simultaneously in the cloud. Our solutions for Microsoft 365, Azure Gov, and SharePoint will allow you to realize the full collaboration capabilities without compromising information security.

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Cloud transformation

Experience a quick time to value with the ability to take advantage of all that Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams have to offer.

Delegated administration for cloud control

Delegated administration enables role-based access controls – only give access where it is needed.

Enable security in the cloud

Fulfill security requirements with ease – even white and black label users for owner, member, and access controls.

Records and information management

Satisfy audits from regulatory bodies – comply with retention requirements and proof of protection.

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Ensure students and teachers have access to critical online learning materials that enable their in-person, online, or hybrid learning programs. Whether you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace we can protect your data so you don't miss a beat with your teachers, students, and parents.

Read the Montana State University Billings case studyRequest a demo

Manage and control permissions

Ensure students, teachers, and even parents have the tools they need. Easily provision OneDrives, workspaces, and more. Monitor engagement by tracking downloads and activity across critical lesson plans, assignments, and study plans.

Enrich programs with Microsoft 365 + AI

Build an educational community that can live in-person and online. Combining Microsoft 365 and powerful AI technology we've built a technology learning path that simplifies the learning process by anticipating needs and automating administrative tasks.

Google Workspace Backup

Not on the Microsoft Cloud? No problem. Your contacts, calendars, mail, and drives in Google can all be protected to avoid data loss and downtime, and ensure anytime, anywhere access to the information teachers, students, and parents need most.


Survey: Office 365 Information Management & Governance

The cloud vs. on-prem comparisons are outdated. Learn why the cloud is a key factor and how to utilize the full capabilities of Office 365.


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Federal contracts

  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract (MAS)
  • GSA Schedule 70
  • ITES - SW2

State and Local Contracts

  • CMAS
  • DIR 4288
  • Fairfax County
  • Seattle GSA
  • Indiana GSA
  • National IPA
  • County of Orange
  • OH STS
  • New Mexico
  • OH STS
  • OK 4288
  • PA DGS

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