4 Reasons to Join our London Public Sector Event: Securely Transition to the Cloud

Post Date: 05/25/2016
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As UK public sector organisations make the move to the cloud, data security and saving costs are top of mind. That’s why Microsoft and AvePoint are hosting a half-day event on June 2, 2016 at Microsoft London on how to make appropriate use of cloud technology without compromising the security or availability of digital assets. Here’s what you’ll take away from the event:

1. How to Achieve Cost Savings

During the event, we’ll share how to perform data discovery to locate sensitive and Official data in your environment. By taking this step, you’ll gain a better understanding of which content must be stored on premises versus what can live in the cloud. And, as approximately 90 percent of UK public sector data is classified as Official data and cloud-ready, you’ll have an opportunity to migrate Official data to Office 365 and reduce on-premises storage costs. You may also be able to migrate Secret data to the cloud, but with higher security measures in place. Once you understand what data you have and where it lives, you can then better secure it through classification.

2. How to Automate Data Policy Enforcement

Don’t leave it up to your end-users to classify Office 365 content as Official, Secret, or Top Secret. At this event, you’ll learn how to standardise data classification through automatic tagging of new and existing files. Once your classification scheme is standardised, it’ll be much easier to automatically enforce permissions in your environment, provide detailed reports, and take immediate action around data policy violations. Classifying data according to the UK government security classifications will also help you determine which content to move to the cloud.

3. Tips for Strengthening Your Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Strategy

Using Office 365 for in-context policy tips and end-user education can help train users on sensible collaboration practices, but a good DLP strategy includes real-time preventative controls, cross-platform risk assessments, and incident management workflows. Our experts will discuss how to do this with AvePoint Compliance Guardian.

4. Hybrid Considerations

There are many different places organisations can house their data: file shares, on premises, the cloud, or even all three. Some public sector organisations choose to go for the hybrid option to keep sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) or proprietary data on premises while Official data goes to the cloud. Take advantage of AvePoint’s years of data migration experience in the UK and let us help you transition smoothly to Office 365. As the Microsoft Cloud expert, we’ll share how you can make appropriate use of cloud technology without compromising the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of your digital assets.

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Event Details
Date: Thursday, June 2, 2016
Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm
Venue: Microsoft UK, London Paddington

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