Is Your SharePoint Environment Growing? How Your Answer Dictates Your Risk

Post Date: 03/21/2018
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Is Your SharePoint Environment Growing?

This question has two possible answers and endless explanations.

However, we have noticed a pattern from how our customers are answering the question, along with the types of risks that come with each type of response.

These same risks can also get magnified with the roll out of every new application if your organization doesn’t have a process for carefully considering the unique governance and permission rights for every app. One governance and permissions policy does not fit all application deployments. Everyone has access to everything? This can be a big compliance, storage, and cost risk without proper governance and permission rights.

This should never be the answer. It’s for this reason that AvePoint has developed most of our solutions around management and governance of a large portion of the Microsoft stack.

Risk is typically why companies get comfortable and SharePoint growth slows or comes to a halt altogether. Of course, every decision in life has an opportunity cost – in these scenarios, it’s risk. However, there are often ways to mitigate this cost.

In the world of Office 365 and SharePoint, one can alleviate risk through third party solutions. Included among these are things like automating governance, proactively staying in compliance, active consistent reports and notifications.

To learn more about this, check out our eBook. When to Use and How to Manage Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups or our most recent on Your Digital Transformation Roadmap.

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