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The Benefits of AvePoint Compliance Guardian

​In the IT world, keeping your content or systems compliant can mean many things, including keeping them out of reach from unauthorized users and preventing sensitive information from being stored in the wrong place or misused, among others. Developing and maintaining a sound compliance plan for your organization is crucial to protecting your users’ and customers’ rights to privacy and proactively ensuring that your organization itself is safe from security breaches, malicious intent such as unauthorized code that can damage operating systems, and unintentional mistakes that could result in unwanted and preventable legal action.

What are the right questions to ask when trying to understand if your organization is compliant?

· Can you ensure that sensitive information isn’t being accessed by some who shouldn’t?
· Where exactly is your information stored? Is it the cloud? Is it in the safest place for that particular kind of content?
· How are you testing your company’s current level of compliance?

When trying to decide what compliance solution is best for your business, it is important to create an automated structure that best suits your industry and utilizes the appropriate testing mechanisms necessary to maintain a healthy and compliant infrastructure. If your company is an accounting firm, for example, information like social security numbers, email or home addresses, and other personally identifiable information (PII) are commonly used in processing client and government-related information. Having a proactive review process in place to ensure that such content is only available to users who should have access it can prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands,

AvePoint Compliance Guardian, which was released today, not only allows you to set rules for automated real-time or scheduled scanning and classification processes that cater to your specific industry or vertical of business, but it also allows you to report on any instances of non-compliance or data misuse and proactively ensure content accessibility and protection in the key areas of:

· Accessibility
· Operational Security
· Privacy
· Site Quality

In today’s business landscape, it is imperative to be able to quickly scan, your environment(s), and efficiently identify, classify, restructure, quarantine, or delete sensitive or non-compliant data. AvePoint Compliance Guardian allows your organization to perform the necessary tasks and analysis to enhance and maintain overall compliance health for one or many environments through a single administration console.

Whether you’re a SharePoint Administrator, Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer, or Chief Information Officer, the importance of planning and implementing a comprehensive and sound compliance strategy that best suits your organizational needs should be a top priority. AvePoint Compliance Guardian together with AvePoint Compliance Solutions can help your organization turn that priority into a reality.

Want to learn more about Compliance Guardian? Visit our website and watch a recent video interview with AvePoint Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management Dana Simberkoff.


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