Enterprise Unified User Interface for Microsoft SharePoint

Post Date: 09/17/2012
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​Microsoft SharePoint is very flexible and convenient. It is used by many enterprise customers as an Electronic Records Management (ERM) system. End-users have access to different site collections, sites, and lists to upload, view, modify, or download the documents to which they have access. In a couple of years or even months, large SharePoint environments grow rapidly. There can be hundreds of sites, thousands of lists, and millions of files. If the environment is not planned well or managed properly, the end-user and IT administrator will encounter challenges when they use and manage SharePoint. Some companies are wise and have a good plan so SharePoint is structured from the beginning. The AvePoint Partner Services (APPS) team can help these organizations with an Enterprise Unified User Interface (EUUI) which allows end-users to navigate across all content easily through one single UI, which resides in his or her My Site. With EUUI, end-users are able to: • Receive company-wide notifications • Navigate across web applications or farms by clicking on the corresponding tabs • Navigate the tree across site collections, sites, and lists • Add site collections or sites to a personal favorite list • View the site collection, site, or list visited recently • Drag and drop files or folders across sites • Drag and drop files or folders between SharePoint and Windows Desktop • Search across sites • Manage documents to download, check-in, check-out, and more The EUUI proves to be a good common interface for end-users to manage their content without the need to remember all the details or links, such as the location of a specific file in SharePoint. They just need to perform a search or navigate within the tree, and voila! They will be able to easily find the treasures buried in the vast sand of the SharePoint environment. Would end-users at your organization benefit from EUUI? Are you interested in utilizing AvePoint’s vast developer resources – the world’s largest SharePoint-exclusive group of its kind – to deliver custom-built solutions, services, and applications to meet business objectives? Contact the APPS team today by emailing services@avepoint.com.

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