Talent Spotlight: Sam Valme, Global Partner Experience Director

Post Date: 03/09/2021
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Meet Sam Valme, Global Partner Experience Director, based out of our Arlington, VA office. Read on to learn about challenges he’s encountered in his career, his AvePoint story, and advice to those who are interested in the tech field!

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered and overcome in your career?

The greatest challenge I overcame was probably expanding my view of what the world had to offer. Coming from a small town, I had to actively seek leadership and mentors. I’ve worked on countless projects that had interesting and unique challenges. I’ve even had to have difficult conversations with people many years my senior.

To me, the “work” wasn’t the challenging part. It was getting over the mental block that, despite my age or formal education, I was just as able to raise my hand and take on the hardest challenges as anyone else.

What advice would you give to people that aspire to attain what you’ve accomplished?

Stay focused and finish what you start. I could have accomplished so much more when I was younger. I never got my Eagle Scout, never got my black belt, never got my bachelor’s degree. Yet still found success at a great company.

That said, it’s not lost on me how unique it is for a company to truly offer opportunities based on hard work and dedication. Chances are you’re going to bounce around at a couple companies until you find a real home (or even start your own company). Gaining that discipline to finish difficult tasks as early as possible will only propel you to higher heights.

What are you interested in accomplishing next in your career?

My passion is People and Program design. Essentially, creating systems that allow individuals to do their best work as a team. With AvePoint going public and transitioning to a heavily Channel-focused model, I feel I’m uniquely positioned to continue my passion of bringing people together and contributing to the future growth of our company.

What drew you to AvePoint?

If I’m being very honest: 1) the pay, and 2) the logo was red and black (which are my two favorite colors)! I couldn’t even order a drink from the bar when I started as a Technical Solutions Professional.

What have you gained from working at AvePoint?

Not to be melodramatic, but more than could ever be written in a single paragraph. If I boil it down – AvePoint gave me the opportunities where I could fail, in some cases publicly and very visibly. But time and time again I figured it out and was awarded more responsibility.

It’s those opportunities that allow you to learn new skills, meet amazing people, and see every side of a business. That experience gives the business the confidence to place more opportunities in your hands until you’re creating solutions to problems that don’t even exist yet. The ability to design programs around the future has been one of my greatest strengths. AvePoint gave me the opportunity to develop and refine that skill.

Describe the sacrifices you’ve made to get to where you are today.

Comfort and the easy road. But I don’t really see those as “sacrifices.” Some people need to hustle and have things constantly changing.

What’s the most important advice you have for those seeking careers within technology?

People, Process, Product. If you want a career in technology, you need to love two of the three. The people you work with, the process/your role, and the solutions your company creates. Any less than that and consider moving on to a position or company that can give them to you.

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