What Do Interns Actually Think of AvePoint’s Internship Program?

Post Date: 09/07/2023
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Internships are an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical experience in their chosen field. It’s the pivotal moment when they’re about to transition into the professional world, taking their first steps toward building a career. 

At AvePoint, we understand this inflection point in a student’s life.  

That’s why the internship program at AvePoint provides students the opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills in marketing, sales, engineering, and more. Interns work on real projects that contribute to team objectives and company goals. They learn from mentors, network with colleagues, and participate in events and activities that enrich their professional and personal development. 

But that’s according to us. What do our interns actually think about the program? 

What the AvePoint Internship Program Offers 

AvePoint’s internship program allows us to identify and attract talented individuals who could potentially become valuable full-time employees. We allow interns to gain hands-on experience in a real-world business environment.  

Here are some of AvePoint’s internship goals: 

Skills Development 

AvePoint’s intern program provides students with hands-on experience in a real-world business environment. This practical exposure helps them develop and refine their technical skills and understand the industry they’re pursuing and its challenges.  

“My most valuable learning experience as a summer intern here at AvePoint has been getting experience in skills like account strategy and research.”

Ally Loker, Public Sector Sales intern

For Shannon O’Donnell, Corporate Communications intern, the biggest takeaway from her time as an AvePoint intern is “that full team immersion can be pivotal to your success.” “At AvePoint, I’ve been heavily involved with many ongoing initiatives in the global communications team and the marketing department as a whole.” 

Networking Opportunities 

AvePoint provides interns with opportunities to build their professional networks, connect with the SaaS industry, and establish relationships that (we hope!) will be beneficial to their future careers. 

“As an AvePoint intern, I was learning about different roles in the company and the diverse backgrounds of AvePoint employees. I had the opportunity to speak with over 20 people,” said Ellie Kang, People Analytics intern. “Hearing about their career journeys and receiving advice from them was encouraging, and their willingness to help was an incredible reflection of AvePoint’s culture.” 

Valuable Guidance 

“My extraordinary manager and team have made all the difference in my professional development.” 

Shannon O’Donnell, Corporate Communications intern 

AvePoint offers a safe environment for learning; we provide support and resources to interns to allow them to understand the industry and how their chosen career assists the business. We help interns by providing answers and assistance to gear them for their first job.  

Ashley Lim, Marketing Data Analytics intern, said: “I learned from my time in AvePoint not to be afraid to ask questions. I was incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by many people who did not hesitate to extend a hand when needed. They were always helpful and encouraging, giving me the confidence to be more willing to ask questions and learn more in the process!” 

AvePoint Interns Looking Ahead 

AvePoint continues the intern program in hopes of helping mentor, professionally develop, and ultimately provide a lasting positive and professional experience for all the students and recent graduates who join our team.  

This is how our summer interns are looking ahead after their professional experience at AvePoint: 

Ellie Kang

“I am excited to continue exploring different areas in tech as I finish up my degree. I look forward to finding work that fulfills me, and I am excited to continue talking to people to learn about their career paths. I hope to constantly be learning and eventually reach a place where I can give mentorship and guidance similar to what I received here at AvePoint.” 

– Ellie Kang, People Analytics intern 

Shannon Odonnell

“I aim to continue exploring the connection between business strategy, internal cultural values, and external expression. I’m eager to pursue the path I’ve taken this summer, thanks to the confidence I’ve gained in my capabilities across all communications disciplines.”

– Shannon O’Donnell, Corporate Communications intern

Ally Loker

“I am most excited about taking this experience and building upon what I have learned and the connections I’ve made to excel in my senior year and into the workforce.”

– Ally Loker, Public Sector Sales intern


Ashley Lim

“I am most excited to continue working in the data analytics field. When working with data analysis at school, I wasn’t sure if this was the path I was truly set on, but getting to work with my team has been a really productive experience, and I’m so glad I was able to work with them this summer. Seeing how everything works together in the end is incredibly gratifying, and I hope that once I get more experience, I can do the same thing my team did for me and be a resource for others in my field.”

– Ashley Lim, Marketing Data Analytics intern

Start and Grow Your Tech Career at AvePoint 

For AvePoint, the internship program helps attract, develop, and retain the best talent in the industry. Many interns have extended their roles or transitioned to full-time positions at AvePoint after completing their internships. They become part of a diverse and inclusive culture that supports their growth and success.  

To learn more about our internship program, check out our Internships page. To see current job openings, visit our Careers page 


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