How AvePoint’s Internship Program Builds Current and Future Leaders

Post Date: 09/27/2023
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At AvePoint, we commit to nurturing the next generation of professionals and help them jumpstart their careers. Our Internship Program offers learning opportunities for college students and fresh graduates; it provides skills development, practical experience, a vast network, and exposure to real-world work environments.  

But it’s not just interns who benefit from internships.  

Through constant collaboration with the next generation of professionals, AvePoint’s managers become better in various facets of their work, too!  

In this blog, AvePoint leaders share their experiences working with interns and what they’ve learned from their involvement in the internship program.  

How Interns Add Value to AvePoint’s Leaders 

At AvePoint, we believe in providing a positive and rewarding experience for interns. We also recognize the invaluable contributions they bring to our team. Here are a few ways interns add value, according to managers. 

New and unique perspectives 

Interns bring fresh outlooks, innovative ideas, and the latest academic knowledge to AvePoint. They can provide insights that might not be readily apparent to more experienced employees. 

True Sandoval, Sr. Marketing Analyst, shared how her intern’s unique perspective helped their team better serve their internal clients. “Our intern, Ashley Lim, designed a way to access data from our chatbot on the website. She conducted natural language processing (NLP) analysis to provide keywords and topics from those conversations,” True explained.  

Ashley’s internship project was a trailblazer that provided marketing stakeholders insights on textual data. This will help marketing leaders from Digital, Product, and other teams to understand what potential prospects are interested in and how we can better serve and attract quality leads.” 

True Sandoval
Sr. Marketing Analyst

Valuable support to the business and colleagues 

Interns can serve as valuable assets in launching and supporting a wide array of projects, tasks, and initiatives. By tapping into their capabilities, teams can accomplish more tasks, create better systems and tools, and reach their goals faster.  

Nicole Caci, Sr. Manager, Communications, said Corporate Communications intern Shannon O’Donnell positively impacted initiatives to amplify the AvePoint brand and boost interest in products and services.  

Nicole Caci, AvePoint Sr. Manager, Communications

“Shannon was eager to learn and immediately became an integral part of the team. Interns like Shannon make AvePoint better by bringing energy, quality contributions, and new perspectives to help us evolve.” 

Nicole Caci
Sr. Manager, Communications


Help improve management teaching skills 

The AvePoint internship program enables managers and employees to brush up on their own skills, particularly mentoring. Here’s what Nick Grandis, Customer Account Executive, Enterprise Sales, had to say about mentoring Ally Loker, our Public Sector Sales intern: 

“I personally had the opportunity to explain to Ally how AvePoint goes to market and how we operate internally. Having to boil down complex organizational dynamics and ideas into something digestible reinforced for me that teaching can be the best way to take your own learning and understanding to a deeper level.” 

Nick Grandis
Customer Account Executive, Enterprise Sales


For True, supervising Ashley enabled her to be more responsible in managing time and understanding how different people learn and communicate. “Learning this helped me balance when to give guidance and how best to support her.” 

Creating and Honing Leaders Through Internship  

The AvePoint Internship Program not only provides interns with hands-on experience; it also enables our managers to develop their leadership and mentoring abilities.  

AvePoint managers who share their industry expertise by working alongside interns contribute to reinforcing our supportive company culture. But more than that, they also gain the opportunity to learn from the future leaders of the industry, benefitting from their unique perspectives and infectious energy.  

“The curiosity, positivity, and problem-solving ability Ashley demonstrated this summer reminded me of why I love the work that I do and the value of people working together – not just on ‘work’ itself but working to understand each other so we can be better together,” True said.  

To learn more about our internship program, check out our Internships page. To see current job openings, visit our Careers page.   

Phoebe Magdirila is a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at AvePoint, covering SaaS management, backup, and governance. With a decade of technology journalism experience, Phoebe creates content to help businesses accelerate and manage their SaaS journey.

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