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5 Ways AvePoint Protects Your Critical Salesforce Data

Today’s modern workplace is more data-driven than ever before. To maintain an edge over the competition, organizations continue to invest in the best CRM systems to collect data, deliver value to customers, and ultimately convert those values into revenue.

But here’s the harsh fact: Most CRM systems that store your data, don’t always protect your data. Data loss and security risks are a thing. Mistakes can happen at any time. At AvePoint, we’ve mastered the art of cloud backup for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, and we’re doing the same for your critical Salesforce data!

The Salesforce Backup Challenge

Organizations can face a variety of challenges that require Salesforce backup, disaster recovery, or protection from advanced threats like ransomware and cyberattacks. If you’re a trailblazer, you know that Salesforce reintroduced their data recovery service last month, but there are some limitations. To summarize:

  • You are not guaranteed a 100% restoration of your data and metadata
  • There isn’t much of a way to automate backups. So if you need to restore to a particular point in time, you’ll need to sort through sheets of CSVs and perform manual imports which are time-consuming and leave room for error
  • Salesforce does offer data recovery, but it’s a paid service that can take weeks to restore data


Whether you are looking to proactively prevent data loss or restore critical data, we have a complete solution to address your most pressing pain points. Here are five ways AvePoint protects your critical Salesforce data:

1. Automation at Scale

Protect your data with automatic, daily, and comprehensive backups to run up to 4x day. We capture your data and metadata for faster recovery and offer search and export functions that simplify information gathering requests such as GDPR, CCPA, and FOIA, etc. Restore beyond just customer metadata by exporting directly from search results in the restore controller based on backup data.

2. RPO and RTO, Covered

We meet your RPO requirements by quickly restoring granular data and metadata at organization, object, record, and field levels, or even entire sandboxes. And we meet RTO objectives by minimizing downtime with fast recovery and access to your data when you need it.

3. Prevent Data Loss During a Restore

Confidently restore data in-place from the right backup to the right destination. Our customers tell us that we have the best grip on associations, keeping “parent” and “child” relationships intact. Minimize human error by comparing backup versions to understand how your Salesforce objects and metadata have changed.

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4. Data Corruptions and Service Outages, Resolved

Bounce back from data corruption or service outage with full fidelity, out-of-place restores. We can map content to any connected production or sandbox Salesforce organization. Avoid chaos, interruptions, and setbacks by pausing workflows and event triggers during restores.

5. Central Command Dashboard

Simplify your backup operations with a central command dashboard that summarizes the backup history, API usage, and user activity for Salesforce organizations. The power to run an extra backup, view usage graphs, and audit user activities is at your fingertips!

MSPs, We’ve Also Got Your Back(Up)!

We make multi-tenant management a breeze with our Elements Portal, built just for you. Explore our end-user data protection and restore app on Salesforce AppExchange to scale your helpdesk operations. Our backup products are available in global distributor marketplaces for flat, fixed rates. Take advantage of monthly billing!

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Rest Easy With the AvePoint Cloud

Join more than 16,000 organizations and 7 million cloud users that rely on AvePoint to protect against data loss and ensure security and compliance. When you buy AvePoint, you get more than a point solution. Our Salesforce backup solution is 100% cloud-hosted. 24×7 support, no installation or configuration is needed, and your data is encrypted and secure from Day 1! Read about our commitment to security.

See the Salesforce Solution in Action

If you are interested in getting a closer look at our Salesforce backup solution or have questions about how to build your Salesforce data backup strategy, schedule a time for a demo and we will be happy to discuss further!

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Mamoona Akhgar
Mamoona Akhgar
Mamoona is a Product Marketing Manager at AvePoint. A data-driven storyteller, she is intrapreneurial with a determined approach to getting things done with a decade of hands-on, client- & partner-side experience with insights, stratecution, and revenue generation.


  1. Great read on AvePoint’s expertise in the aspect of cloud backup for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. Looks like AvePoint indeed has the knack as far as safety and security on salesforce data are concerned. Nice to know.


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