Complete Dynamics 365 backup. Guaranteed.

Around-the-clock protection for business-critical Dynamics 365 CRM with automated backups, and granular, item-level restore. Store data wherever and recover whenever—it’s safe with our 256-bit encryption.

Worry-free protection

Automated, unlimited backups of CRM data up to four times a day. Data protection and retention requirements—met.

Anywhere, anytime access

Restore and access on-demand with full-fidelity recovery. Get back to work faster, so you can still leave on time!

Sensible storage

Your data is kept safe and encrypted in our cloud. Bring your own Microsoft Azure Key if you like, and your own storage too!

Appease SLAs

Minimize Dynamics 365 data loss, downtime, and restore times while satisfying aggressive Service Level Agreements.

Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365

A safe space for entities, contacts, fields, & more!

Safeguard CRM data. With AvePoint Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365, security is a priority, whether performing or exporting a backup, creating reports, restoring, or securing data—with just a click.

SaaS & chill

Cloud Backup is a 100% Azure-hosted SaaS application with automatic updates. No servers, installations, or stressed IT.

Bring your own storage (or not)

Secure data in our Microsoft Azure storage, or your own Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox, any SFTP and FTP drives.

Automatic backups

Log in, set it—don’t fret it. Automatically backup up to four times a day and store data wherever you’d like!

Encryption prescription

Leaks and attacks are no match for our 265-bit encryption. Bring your own Microsoft Azure Encryption key for extra security.

Flexible restore

Access, search, and restore entities and records for targeted rollback based on properties, including content owner, date created and modified.

Compare backups

Comparison reports let you see what’s changed between backups, and locate the entity you must restore, when you need it.

Together, forever

Metadata, permissions, and properties are fully maintained when you restore content.

AvePoint extends Dynamics 365 native functionality

Benefits AvePoint Cloud Backup Dynamics 365 Native
Flexible Backup Solution Backs up Dynamics 365 data up to 4 times a day on flexible schedule Backs up Dynamics 365 data once a day on fixed schedule
Granular Restore Can restore granular items with metadata and permissions intact Can restore only at the instance level and sandbox instance level
Backup Data Retention Can retain 100% of your backup data for one year On-demand backups are retained for up to 3 days

Boost your cloud confidence Exceed expectations with AvePoint Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365

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