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How Trenkwalder Handily Met Its 10-Year Data Retention Requirement

Case Study – Trenkwalder

Critical Needs

  • Granular Office 365 Backup Solution
  • 10 Year Retention Capability
  • Time-Cost Reduction to Focus on Other Internal Office 365 Projects

Cloud Backup 5 1


Cloud Backup

Success Highlights

  • Met 10-year retention requirement
  • Increased time savings on backup operations
  • Leverages AvePoint’s Azure BLOB storage for ease and speed

“Cloud Backup is offering us everything that we can possibly need. I’m sure we will be staying with AvePoint for quite some time.”

Miroslav Sevecka, System Engineer, Trenkwalder IT

The Challenge

Trenkwalder had done their due diligence when planning their move to Office 365. They knew a third-party backup solution was a necessity to meet their 10-year retention requirement.

While the retention period was the primary driver for adopting a backup solution, there were other reasons that led to their AvePoint investment.

“A colleague of mine had mentioned AvePoint is a leader for Office 365 backup after he evaluated multiple solutions a few years ago. During his research, he not only weighed the solution, but the services which are offered as well,” said Miroslav Sevecka, System Engineer, Trenkwalder.

Trenkwalder had experienced some issues with their on-premise backup solution, which raised the bar for their cloud backup requirements.

“When we were evaluating solutions, we really made it clear that we wanted a tool that was simple and effective,” said Sevecka.

Cloud Backup 1

The AvePoint Solution

Trenkwalder is actively using Cloud Backup to perform recoveries at least once a week, and sometimes daily.

“Everything has always been there when needed. The most common scenario is when an email is accidentally deleted or something,” said Sevecka. “Making a restoration is not a problem at all. We can always find what we need. It is always fast and great.”

Although the solution has always worked as desired, they have needed to utilize AvePoint’s 24/7/365 Technical Support.

“For as long as we have been using Cloud Backup, I have only opened Support cases due to an internal issue, and not the tool itself. Cloud Backup, as it’s designed right now, is working properly,” said Sevecka.

The Bottom Line

While Trenkwalder’s primary requirement was an extended retention period, there are a few more reasons why they specifically landed on AvePoint’s Cloud Backup solution.

One Stop Shop: “AvePoint also has other tools that we can look into as we take on more Office 365 projects. We are already looking into other solutions that you guys offer. It’s nice to have just one or two points of contact for multiple solutions,” said Sevecka.

AvePoint’s Customer Base: ”I saw the other companies AvePoint provides services and solutions to, which helped highlight that AvePoint may be the right choice,” said Sevecka.

Storage Options: AvePoint provides clients with the option either bring their own storage or utilize AvePoint’s Azure BLOB storage. “We decided to leverage AvePoint’s Azure storage for ease and speed,” said Sevecka.

One of the greatest benefits Trenkwalder has experienced is the time savings. A typical day, Miroslav will check on Cloud Backup once in the morning, being able to focus on other work for the rest of his day.

“AvePoint Cloud Backup has given us the comfort to focus on the rest of our migration and other projects,” said Sevecka. “Since we started using AvePoint, I spend no time investigating. It is just simply running, and I don’t have to worry about it. For me, it’s a big time saver.”



Today, HR managers are confronted by a rapid pace of change and growing specialization. As a leading HR service provider in Central and Eastern Europe, Trenkwalder develops innovative and flexible solutions to these challenges.

They currently bring together more than 1,300 employees with 10,000 clients from all industries at over 200 locations in 17 countries.

Trenkwalder recently made the jump from an on-premise SharePoint environment to Office 365. Adoption has been strong across the platform including Exchange, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Online, and more.

Read the full case study here.

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