2 Ways to Better Manage Your Salesforce Backups with DocAve

Post Date: 10/18/2016
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Having a process to recover lost or corrupted CRM data is a must – whether that’s the process provided by Salesforce, or a third-party solution like DocAve Backup for Salesforce. But have you considered what it’s like to try and find the data to bring back?

What’s just as important as being able to recover data is the ability for an administrator to ensure that they are recovering the right data. And in instances where you don’t know exactly what was lost or when it was lost, figuring out which backup file to restore is especially difficult. The only way to do that without a tool like DocAve is to manually comb through columns and cells in one CSV file and cross reference that with the columns and cells of another CSV file.

Simply put — finding the right data to recover is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

To help, we’ve added two key reporting features to our one-click Salesforce backup solution:

  1. Live data comparison between Salesforce backups
  2. Comparison data reporting between Salesforce backups

Live Data Comparison between Salesforce Backups

For organizations that use Salesforce, data loss or corruption can be detrimental – risking security and data exposure. In most cases, to begin any type of recovery we must know the extent of the damage. With the ability to compare objects and metadata between two backups, it’s easier to visually understand any changes within a desired time frame. With a clear overview of what’s been added, changed, or deleted since your recovery point objective, you can better assess the differences between backups in a detailed view.

Salesforce Backups: comparison job types

Comparison Job Types

Salesforce Backups: set the time frame and type of objects to compare

Set desired time frame and type of objects to compare

Salesforce Backups: live backup comparison results

Live Backup Comparison Results

Data Comparison Reporting Between Salesforce Backups

In addition to viewing a live comparison between your backups, you can also generate and download detailed comparison reports. This lets administrators share their findings with relevant parties and take further action as necessary.

Salesforce Backups: backup comparison report

Comparison of metadata between select Salesforce Backups

Salesforce Backups: Backup snapshots

Report of changes between Salesforce backups

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