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Global Outreach: AvePoint Helps Students at The Jubilee Center in Hoboken, NJ


The AvePoint volunteers at the Jubilee Center in Hoboken.On Wednesday, May 6, AvePoint employees from the Jersey City office volunteered at The Jubilee Center in Hoboken, NJ. The center was developed by the All Saints Community Service and Development Corporation (ASCSDC), a non-profit agency formed by the All Saints Episcopal Parish. With humble beginnings as an afterschool homework help program, the organization now has two locations, both of which help to meet the social and economic needs of children and families.

Students at The Jubilee Center's after school programWhile The Jubilee Center hosts many programs for students of all ages – ranging from teen academic enrichment to summer camps – our volunteers participated in the after school program.  In this program, students grades K-7 arrive around 3:30PM straight from school, where they first have a quick snack, and then are divided by grade level throughout the center’s three floors.

On-on-one homework helpFrom there, the students have an hour of assisted homework time, where staff members, certified educators, and volunteers like ourselves help with assignments. Our employees were split into teams of 2-3 to aid numerous students with their homework, allowing for group learning and one-on-one teaching. Some of us faced the challenge of reaching back to our own school days to help the children with their homework assignments, while others were busy multi-tasking and dividing their attention to help all of the students in need.

With the Jubilee Center currently enrolling more than 90 students, there was never a dull moment. However, after all of their hard work, the students have the opportunity to participate in various activities of leisure. The center has a multitude of libraries where children can find books of all different reading levels.

Libraries at The Jubilee Center

And for the kindergarteners who are still learning to read, story time is hosted.

Story time

Arts and craftsThe center also has an art room, where different arts and craft materials are provided to students who enjoy exploring their creativity.




Additionally, the center has a great backyard playground for students who would prefer to exert their energy through athletics.

The center's backyard playground

The center also receives donations from local restaurants to serve dinner to their student guests. Overall, we had a great time helping the students, and found the experience to be challenging and tiring, but most of all rewarding!

To learn more about the center or to become a volunteer, please check out its website!


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