AvePoint Confide and Microsoft Syntex Repository Services: The Ultimate Project Collaboration Duo

Post Date: 06/16/2023
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In a world where enterprises are constantly dealing with vast amounts of data and documents, innovative tools to securely and efficiently manage growing file and document solutions have become paramount.

Responding to this need, Microsoft has introduced Syntex repository services, a groundbreaking tool that simplifies the traditional and costly solutions to file and document management.

This revolutionary platform empowers developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and enterprises to enhance their file and document management capabilities, as well as build robust and secure apps within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

As a launch partner for Syntex repository services, AvePoint is at the forefront of utilizing this game-changing technology and built a next-generation version of AvePoint Confide on the Syntex repository services technology.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what Syntex repository services are and explore how AvePoint’s Confide leverages this technology to fuel the future of secure project collaboration.

Syntex Repository Services: Revolutionizing Secure File Management and App Development

Syntex repository services offer an advanced file and document management approach within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Unlike traditional methods that rely on external repository solutions, Syntex repository services allow users to build file- and document-focused apps directly within the Microsoft 365 tenant boundary.

It also enables app developers to manage files and documents within their customers’ individual Microsoft 365 tenants, staying within the tenant boundary for enhanced data control and security.

Microsoft Syntex repository services offer a multitude of benefits that empower organizations. Some key advantages include:

Enhanced Security and Compliance

With Syntex repository services, developers can extend advanced Microsoft 365 security and compliance features to their applications. This includes the ability to:

  • apply retention policies
  • leverage data loss prevention (DLP) policies
  • enforce conditional access policies
  • meet industry-specific compliance requirements

Organizations can ensure that their sensitive data is protected as Syntex supports data residency requirements globally and is certified for more than 200 industry-specific compliance standards.

Seamless Collaboration

Through Syntex Repository services, developers can directly integrate Microsoft 365 collaboration capabilities into their apps. This empowers users, including customers, guests, and internal stakeholders, to collaborate on documents and files within the app environment. Users can collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft applications, as well as apps built on the Fluid Framework.

Users can also incorporate collaborative features into their applications, such as real-time co-authoring, presence indicators, and @mentions, for a rich user collaboration experience.

Customizable and Scalable Repository Containers

The innovation behind Syntex repository services lies in repository containers, a special partition type in the Microsoft 365 storage layer. It is designed for hyperscale use cases, providing high scalability and optimal performance. Developers can leverage APIs for container instantiation, document interaction, and other operations to deliver a seamless user experience. This scalable and performant technology allows for:

  • granular permissions
  • document versioning
  • rich metadata capabilities
  • support for large files

AvePoint Confide: Unlocking the Future of Secure Project Collaboration

The arrival of Syntex repository services has ushered in a new era of file and document management. AvePoint Confide leverages this technology to ensure secure project collaboration and enable organizations to maximize their IT investments.

Built on Syntex repository services, here are some key benefits of AvePoint Confide:

Comprehensive solution

M&A, Legal, Finance, and Investment teams usually depend on secure virtual rooms, but they often have to contend with a disjointed experience due to using multiple applications for file sharing and collaboration. Confide is built to support all your collaboration projects that require complex sharing needs, such as vendor management, bids and tenders, and due diligence.

Enhanced security

Digital workspaces in Confide are isolated from the rest of the tenants to guarantee data segregation and security. Project administrators can define custom security and governance settings to control access and sharing within the workspace’s project library. Teams can leverage file content encryption, watermarking, audit trails, and other built-in security features.

Custom tenant controls

Confide keeps content stored within the customer’s own Microsoft 365 tenant – instead of hosting it – and provides the option to use custom tenant controls. This enables agile, native collaboration, without compromising Microsoft’s renowned compliance and security features.

Access the Benefits of the Next-Gen AvePoint Confide Today

We are thrilled to announce that the next-gen AvePoint Confide is now available through a private preview program.

This exclusive opportunity gives you early access to AvePoint Confide so you can harness its advanced features to streamline project workflows, maximize data security, and optimize IT investments.

And by participating in the private preview program, you not only get to experience the future of secure collaboration firsthand, but you can also influence product development and gain direct access to product leaders.

Sound interesting? Request your invite today!

Learn from industry experts and take your collaborative projects to the next level. Register for our webinar: How to Secure Collaboration with Microsoft Syntex Repository Services.


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