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AvePoint Confide: The Future of Secure Project Collaboration with Microsoft Syntex Repository Services

At the recent Microsoft Build event, AvePoint was announced as a proud launch partner for Microsoft Syntex repository services. The next generation of AvePoint Confide, one of the first apps to build on top of this new Syntex technology, is now available through private preview for organizations facing complex information sharing scenarios like vendor management, bids and tenders, audits, and due diligence. Let’s dive into what Syntex repository services are, why it’s the future of secure project collaboration and how AvePoint customers and partners are already taking advantage of the next generation of AvePoint Confide.

AvePoint Confide: The Future of Secure Project Collaboration, Today

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What are Microsoft Syntex Repository Services?

Syntex repository services are a cloud-based file and document management system suitable for use in any application. App developers can use APIs to harness the power of this new Microsoft 365 storage system for any app, which makes it a great option for organizations building line-of-business applications — like AvePoint Confide.

By embedding Syntex repository services in a line-of-business app, developers can instantly deliver the rich content management, Microsoft 365 security and compliance, as well as Microsoft 365 collaboration capabilities that organizations expect today. For apps that work with files and documents in any way, Syntex repository services are the fastest path to providing enterprise-grade content storage.

Syntex repository services use the Microsoft Graph API to store the files managed by the app in a new container or “repository.” For ISVs, these containers live in the customer’s Microsoft 365 tenant, whereas for enterprises, they live in their own tenant. It’s important to note that these repositories are specifically dedicated to — and only accessible by — the app, so the files the app depends on are isolated and secure within the tenant boundary. As organizations evaluate their security posture amidst their digital transformation journeys, they’re finding that sharing settings are no longer one-size-fits-all. Whereas previously they would have had to invest time and money into supporting a host of complex, third-party collaboration platforms to solve for this, they’ll now be able to harness the flexibility of Syntex repository services to power modern collaboration.

Introducing AvePoint Confide, Built on Microsoft Syntex Repository Services

AvePoint worked with Microsoft to build a next gen version of Confide using Syntex repository services technology, building on our long-standing relationship with Microsoft. Now, organizations can address scenarios with complex sharing needs requiring differentiated security and storage scenarios within their existing Microsoft 365 environment.

Just like the AvePoint Confide you already know, our next gen solution enables organizations to create secure project rooms for sensitive or ad hoc projects with unique sharing needs. With Syntex technology, each of these virtual project rooms generate a unique repository that’s isolated from the rest of the tenant. Project admins can balance control and customization, adding internal and external collaborators, managing tasks and Q&A, and viewing real-time project insights without worrying about oversharing or exposing their Azure Active Directory.

Unlike third-party vendors that often store data and limit controls, AvePoint Confide enables agile, native collaboration without sacrificing the security and compliance Microsoft is known for. Project admins can provision custom security and governance settings for each project — and respectively, each isolated container — to ensure that internal and external collaborators can share data within the workspace’s project library, collaborate on files and tasks, and access real-time project insights.

AvePoint Confide: The Future of Secure Project Collaboration, Today

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The Future of Secure Project Collaboration with AvePoint Confide

As organizations continue to manage the exponential growth of data, Syntex repository services provides a new way to store data that is specific to their business needs and can be modified across industries, especially regulated ones like healthcare and the public sector.

Our public sector customers cite secure collaboration as one of their top concerns. When working with teams across different agencies and organizations, it’s imperative to ensure that files are shared with pinpoint precision, with built-in security and compliance protections.

“Our customers in the Defense Industrial Base depend on having highly secure work environments,” said Bill Wootton, Chief Revenue Officer at C3 Integrated Solutions. “AvePoint has always been a reliable partner for helping us deploy and protect these environments. With the availability of AvePoint Confide built on Syntex repository services, we can extend our offerings to support additional data collaboration use cases.”


Marco Morsella
Marco Morsella
Marco is Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at AvePoint.

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