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AvePoint’s New Tagline Explained

You may have noticed something a little different in our standard AvePoint logo on our website – as well as some of our latest press releases and case studies.


AvePoint now has a new tagline: “Your SharePoint®. Our Innovation.” This replaces what AvePoint had for several years: “Unleashing the Power of SharePoint®”.

So, why the change?

As AvePoint continues to step firmly into its place as the world’s largest SharePoint ISV, it is vital to ensure the message we convey to the global SharePoint community accurately reflects the value we bring to our more than 8,000 customers (and counting) around the globe. We’re striving toward this aim in multiple ways, one of which is this refreshed tagline.

A tagline is a slogan or phrase visually representing the most important attribute or benefit the company wishes to convey. As we continue to grow and expand, with nearly 1,000 employees in 19 offices across 10 countries on 4 continents, it is important that we represent who AvePoint wants to be for the customer.

Simply put, we’re a problem solver. You come to us with problems regarding your SharePoint management and/or protection, and we help you solve those problems.

Let’s be realistic, though. Isn’t problem solving the basic premise of virtually every single business – past, present, and future? Consequently, if we used phrasing such as “problem solved” or “solving problems” in our tagline, we would have run the risk of “me too.”

So, we sought to find another way to succinctly wrap AvePoint’s entire value proposition into 4-5 words that answers the question: How does AvePoint solve problems?

“Unleashing the Power of SharePoint” is something we certainly do through our DocAve Software Platform, but there’s more to AvePoint than that.
· AvePoint has more than 70 Microsoft-certified engineers
· AvePoint has the largest R&D team exclusively devoted to SharePoint (outside of Microsoft)
· AvePoint offers global, live support 24/7 regardless of where our customers are located
· AvePoint has been recognized for its financial strength, with nine years (and counting) of exponential growth

It is our continued innovation that enables us to solve problems organizations face with their SharePoint environments. We have custom training and development teams to help customers ensure they can meet their specific business needs using the SharePoint platform.

We firmly believe this tag line not only personalizes it to each customer – potential and current – through “Your SharePoint”, and it doesn’t limit AvePoint’s potential for innovation, either. AvePoint’s innovation spans far beyond just its products, its people, or its viability. True innovation does not occur in a silo. It is the combination of all these attributes that enables AvePoint to continue to innovate for the global SharePoint community through its products, people, and passion.

Christopher Musico
Christopher Musico
As Senior Director of Content & Communications at AvePoint, Chris is responsible for all external and internal corporate marketing communications. Chris brings more than 15 years of experience to his role at AvePoint, previously holding roles at EisnerAmper, BASF, MetLife and CRM Magazine. Chris received two American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) awards for feature articles on and generational trends.


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