Announcing our TechEd North America Free Pass Winners

Post Date: 05/23/2013
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Last month, we officially launched our free pass competition for Microsoft TechEd North America 2013, taking place June 3-7 in New Orleans, Louisiana. We asked you all to send us your top 10 reasons why you should be chosen to get a free pass to the event. After reading through many responses, we’re proud to announce our two winners: · Emily Dorsett, from Situs · Michael O’Dell, from Wild Branch Solutions, Inc. As promised, here are the top 10 reasons why each of these individuals wanted to go to TechEd, and will now be able to. Emily Dorsett 1. I’ve never had the pleasure of attending TechEd. 2. It’s in New Orleans (what more is there to say). 3. I need to learn everything I can as my company is on the bleeding edge of technology. 4. Getting to meet the great people from AvePoint. 5. Making new contacts that I can bug when things break. 6. I will make the parties much more fun! 7. Seeing all the newest technology that my company will want. 8. It’s in New Orleans (worth mentioning again). 9. Helping AvePoint celebrate its 10th anniversary at TechEd. 10. Having a legitimate reason to leave home for a week.   Michael O’Dell 1. The opportunity to meet with – and learn from – other professionals in the IT field and RDBMS functions. 2. The opportunity to see and experience the latest Microsoft technology advancements and those of the sponsoring third-parties. 3. The opportunity to learn new and interesting ways to work with known quantities within the IT field. 4. The opportunity to learn better and more effective means of implementing, maintaining, and managing IT products and services. 5. The opportunity to stop by sponsor booths to learn any given product or solution’s main points in an engaging, entertaining environment. 6. The opportunity to improve compliance with industry best practices through applying learned knowledge and shared experiences. 7. The opportunity to learn from industry experts what works, doesn’t work, and how to make what does work do so better. 8. The opportunity to collect piles of T-shirts, pens, stickers, and other doodads. 9. The chance to wear my feet to the bone and return to my hotel room exhausted after every 14-hour day of conference-going, dinners, and parties. 10. The look on my face when I realize I’m riding off into the sunset with a brand new Ducati motorcycle! Congratulations once again to the winners! We hope you have a great time at the event, and we look forward to catching up with you at the show to find out how it went with our video cameras rolling!

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