How FLY Can Launch Teams Migrations From Virtually Any Cloud

Learn how AvePoint’s FLY solution can make the journey to Teams seem more like a day trip than a transcontinental voyage.

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Vl fly teams migration

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  • 30 minutes


Ron Delaney

Training and Development Manager, Customer Success, AvePoint

Microsoft Teams is taking flight.

More than 115 million people now use it (daily users grew 50 percent last year). Even better, the all-in-one platform can deliver a net benefit of $27 million over three years to a 5,000-person organization.

Those perks are prompting businesses to transition from Slack, Dropbox, Box and other cloud collaboration systems.

AvePoint’s FLY solution can simplify the migration process and transport your staff to Teams in no time.

The switch doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this 30-minute virtual lab, we’ll cover the full itinerary of a FLY migration to Microsoft 365:

  • Pre-Flight Checklist

    Discover how FLY can perform a thorough scan of your existing architecture to avoid potential risks and to identify customizations and workflows for a successful migration.

  • A Smooth Ride

    Navigate with confidence thanks to comprehensive mapping, syncing and scheduling capabilities that can ensure your journey is on time and on budget.

  • Safe Arrival

    Explore a dedicated dashboard that can seamlessly validate a migration, generate custom reports, monitor status, capture data and send updates to stakeholders.

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