Optimize the Security of Your Office 365 Backup Data

Did you know that Cloud Backup transcends a standard retain and restore model? Cloud Backup exceeds SaaS expectations with scalability and robust security.

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Virtual lab cloud backup security

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  • 30 Minutes


Eric Krusi

Solution Engineer, AvePoint

Cloud Backup goes beyond data retention and restorability

It has become an industry standard for backup providers to only focus on the retention and restoration of your content, leaving you with less options for securing your data internally and externally.

Cloud Backup provides detailed reports on your backup jobs, a streamlined way to encrypt your data, anytime audits on user activity, and real-time notifications of backup information.

Join AvePoint’s Eric Krusi as he shows you exactly how Cloud Backup transcends the standard backup expectations.

  • Job Monitoring

  • Data Encryption

  • User Activity Auditing

  • Email Notification

Use Case Samples

  • Data Encryption

    Let’s say your IT Administrator, Bob, wants to encrypt backup data and sensitive information in a way that no one else could get into his data, not even if they hack a connection or the database it's stored in.

    With AvePoint's Cloud Backup solution, Bob can maintain his own encryption key, ensuring that no one can gain access to the organization's data without his authorization - even in the event of a hacking. Cloud Backup even provides a default option encryption key, encrypting data in transit and at rest.

  • User Activity Auditing

    Bob wants to ensure he can keep track of everyone that accesses data via the Cloud Backup Solution. Bob delegates administration to make sure that users are only restoring content they should and have no way to access restores for content they shouldn't.

    To make certain they are doing their job and that no one is granting access to information they shouldn't be able to, Bob runs solution audits to track the activity of everyone that has accessed the solution, and all they actions they have taken.

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