Modernizing Gov IT and Securing Collaboration in M365

Ensure your agency's collaboration is safe and secure with AvePoint's portfolio of SaaS Solutions.

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  • 1 Hour


John Peluso

Chief Product Officer, AvePoint

Government agencies have greatly accelerated their digital transformations in the wake of the pandemic.

This includes an automated workspace management system to increase security and data protection across all Microsoft 365 workspaces that will ultimately decrease end-user frustration with the different services and workspace types in the platform.

As agencies begin to transition to Microsoft Teams and other cloud collaboration systems, they must also start to answer questions such as:

  • How can you drive sustainable and secure adoption of these new tools?
  • How can you ensure your information lifecycle and records management processes are able to keep up with the increased pace of collaboration?
  • How can you enable cross-agency and external partner collaboration through Microsoft 365 in a secure and agile manner?
  • How can you keep sensitive data in some Microsoft Teams and other digital workspaces and out of others?
  • How can you delegate the administration of Microsoft 365 to different departments within your agency and even let those departments tailor their governance and management rules to suit their collaboration style and data sensitivity?
  • How can you back up Microsoft 365 so you are compliant with federal and state data retention mandates and regulations?

Our public sector collaboration expert will show you best practices from how other government agencies have been solving these challenges using both Microsoft native and third-party solutions. Register today!

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