How To Ensure Microsoft 365 Collaboration Success For Remote Workers

Learn best practices to support your end users' rapid adoption of Office 365 & Microsoft Teams while making sure they remain compliant

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  • 1 Hour


Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft Regional Director & MVP and AvePoint Chief Brand Officer

Valerie Froehling

Customer Success Manager, Microsoft

Help users understand what workspaces they need and what tools they should use

The move to remote work has led to a surge in Office 365 use for storing and collaborating on important and sometimes sensitive data.

With the proliferation of workspaces such as SharePoint sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams Teams, IT admins need to make it easy for users to understand how to collaborate securely in Office 365.

But how can permissions be enforced across multiplying workspaces while still giving end-users access to the tools they need for working remotely?

Join us for our webinar to learn how you can make it easy for end users to do the right thing by having proper governance guidance and controls in place to guide Office 365 collaboration!

You will get answers to crucial questions like how to:

  • Guide end-users to the right tools

  • Communicate and enforce the handling of sensitive content in Office 365

  • Identify how content is being stored and who has access to it across your environment

  • And more!

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